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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Drinking Beer

We have learned etiquette about having a drink, especially for wine or a fine scotch. But, never have ever heard about manners for beer. What? Did we say beer and drinking it the right way?

Yes, whether you have developed taste for beer recently or you chug it down like water, many of us do not know to enjoy the flavours of the beer aptly. We ruin those premium lager beer essences by practicing some common mistakes or prevailing myths. 

Take a look at these strict no-nos for beer and bring out the best of the beer characters:

  • Drinking Freezing Beer 

The idea of chilled beer is valid, but it does not mean icing it. The aroma and hints of flavours of beer are best enjoyed at a temperature just above the room temperature. It is suggested to chill beer for 10-15 minutes before drinking. 

  • Serving Beer in Frosting Glass

Yes, we know you are super impressed by the idea of frosting beer glass as shown in movies or your favourite series. Frosting your beer glass hampers the carbonation of beer and makes it foamy, ravaging its flavours. The best way to experience your beer is to serve it in a mug, pour from the center, and leave a quarter of the glass empty.

  • Skunking Beer

Skunking is a process that hampers the taste and aroma of beer when exposed to sunlight. While having beer make sure that you do not expose it to sunlight and keep it in a cool and dry place. When buying beer, make sure the beer has not been lying (it should be standing) at a place where it gets exposed to the sunlight.

  • Beer and Hangover

The myth goes that beer should be taken first followed by other alcoholic drinks to minimise the hangover. It does not matter what you take first or last, the drinking pattern decides hangover. Appreciate your drink by sipping it slowing so that the flavours hit your mouth and order some cheesy and garlicky sides along for enhanced punch. 

  • Storing it Long

You must have saved that beer bottle for a special occasion or might have forgotten it in the fridge. Beer is supposed to be consumed fresh and not meant to be kept for long. Beer age quickly and storing it for long leads to losing its characteristics. If you have been holding that beer for long, it is gone and you have to throw it.

The best way to have a beer is to serve it at above room temperature, which should be sipped slowly, allowing the flavours to tickle taste buds. Premium beer brands in India are available that must not be held for long and enjoyed when freshly brewed. Hope these tips come handy to impress your gang and maximize your beer experience.


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