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The work of a graphic designer often conjures up images of bold, striking designs. In reality, there are many different areas where a graphic designer can be involved in the creation of marketing and branding materials. Here are some examples.

Advertising Agencies Often, graphic designers are hired by advertising agencies to create brand identity designer ads and packaging for products. The design work for these ads includes slogans, images, and copy that will communicate to potential customers what the product or service is all about. The same thing can be said for non-advertising agencies. These may use these same resources in order to get brand identity designed for their own products or services. Either way, the end result is the same: customers and clients will know who the company is.

Interior Design Many interior designers have at least some artistic ability. This ability allows them to create the illusion of space using a perspective and color. Interior designers work not only with wallpaper but also with furniture, wall hangings, lighting and fixtures. An interior graphic designer works on everything from floor plans to furniture to hallways.

User Experience Designing user experience designs usually refers to designing websites that make it easy for users to find their way around. A website is only useful if the site makes navigating through it easy. This doesn’t just apply to navigation but also includes using text. Some graphic designers create web pages using text while others may use hyperlinks or other visual cues to lead the user to an appropriate area.

Interaction Design Research involved in the creation of web pages typically includes user research into what the intended audience for the site is. This includes understanding what the audience likes or doesn’t like when it comes to various elements of the design process. Some designers go a step further by hiring usability specialists to conduct interviews with potential customers to learn what they want and how they want it. These individuals are then responsible for understanding what the client wants while keeping in mind the target audience. Interaction designers also study user research and interact with people behind the scenes in order to better understand the needs of clients.

Company Logos A graphic designer may work with a company logo in place for promotion purposes, or they may be the person that actually designs the company logos themselves. When designing company logos, many graphic designers work closely with a company director or designer. The director will often sit down with the designer and discuss the logo concept and what should be included in the final logo. Once the concept is agreed upon, the graphic designers work begins.

Multimedia A graphic designer can either work directly with media in their portfolio or they can work as an art director. An art director works with the designer to create the actual video or film used to advertise a product or service. In this capacity, the designer not only creates the graphics used in the advertisement but also makes sure that they match the rest of the visual artwork used in the commercial. Flash Designers Work on creating unique advertisements using media such as Flash. Flash is software that creates short animations. A flash designer has to master the basics of using media to make a video and animate it properly in order to be used in a commercial.

Video Game Designers Believe it or not, there are video game designers! Video games are becoming more popular each and every day. These designers not only create the environments in which the player’s characters take part in the game, they also create the characters themselves, the weapons they use, and the enemies that the player fights. These designers have a difficult job because they have to create a visually appealing game that is fun to play, yet manages to maintain an integrity level that keeps the player interested in playing.

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