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5 Tips to Consider the Contemporary Barclay Butera Rugs

Many homeowners prefer luxury floor coverings to freshen up their home's interior, but considering just to enhance the aesthetic appeal is an understatement. Barclay Butera rugs create a fantastic impact on the indoor area of your home.

Here is some information that can help you in choosing appropriate contemporary rugs for your home.

Determine your room type and select the material accordingly

It is easy to spoil the interior of your home by choosing the wrong product from the available rugs. From its varied types, you should decide on the suitable material for creating an impact.

It is crucial to choose the right room to get appropriate results. For example,

  • Wool is a perfect material for high-traffic rooms of your home, such as children's room, dining room, living room, etc. It is stain-resistant, highly durable, and easy to clean.
  • Choose cotton or silk for the bedroom to give luxurious touch without thinking about anything foot traffic.

Go for large-sized luxury area rugs.

If you wish to lay an impact on your selected room, you must go with a modern luxury rug because It is eye-catching and covers more area. You need to leave some space in between for walkways and door openings. Also, keep the space between the walls and rugs so that the room appears more spacious. Similarly, when you are select a luxury rug for the dining room and place it beneath the table, select a large rug capable of holding both the table and chairs.

Pick runners only for odd areas of your home.

An individual underestimates the capability of luxury rugs by using them only in the dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms of your home. You can use them anywhere, like narrow corridors, oddly-shaped spaces, the front area of sofas, etc., it looks good and fits perfectly in every part of your home. It also plays an essential role in rendering the characters through textures and colors.

Don't strike off durability from your list.

The sturdy constructions are the primary factors for determining the longevity of floor coverings. Every individual wants that their selected product serves for a more extended period.

For that, you should go with hand-knotted rugs, which consist of a cotton foundation and silk or wool yarn to cover them. It is much better than the other rugs. If a person has a tight budget, you should go with hand-tufted because it also has a life of more than ten years.

Take out time for maintenance purposes

Every piece of floor covering needs proper maintenance to get maximum benefits from it, whether it is machine-made, hand-knotted, or handwoven rug. The proper maintenance of these materials increases their life span.

So, here are some maintenance techniques to ensure a long-lasting rug for the living area of your home.

  • Protect rugs from direct sunlight.
  • Use cold water to remove stains from it.

Barclay Butera rugs are of high-quality and have a long life span. You should buy their fantastic rugs to beautify the living area of your home.


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