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Blogging plays an influential role in the success of any business. There is a need for research-based bogging in order to boost the business as a start-up. Here we shall discuss a few of the ways to grow your blogging business like a start-up.

Search engine optimization:

            Blogging is considered as the best way to bring traffic to the website. Search engine optimization is a technique through which the content is appropriately refined and indexed according to the desired and required pattern. It is the SEO through which content is adequately crafted and gets a high ranking on the eminent search engines like Google. This optimized content brings maximum traffic on the website. Explaining the SEO in a non-technical way, it is like writing something on search bar ad getting your content at the top of the search results. This significantly increases your business.

How to improve ranking:

            Blogging is associated with SEO in various ways. If you want to increase the ranking of your website, here are few ways to get the desired results.

Keyword density:

 It deals with the frequency of word appearing in the content you write. Heredensity is used for the number of times a word is used.


            Backlinking is a way to connect or link your content with the websites which are credible and authentic for the more relevant content. In this way, you achieve relevant content.


            This is the way of ranking in which search engine bots creep and visit your website frequently.

Long-tail keywords:

 Long-tail keywords are particular words. Such keywords capture traffic, which is related to specific goods or services.

It is highly recommended to implement all the concepts as mentioned above of search engine optimization and improve the ranking of your website, eventually leading to the growth of your business.


            If you want to be an expert in your field and want to become popular among people related to your field, then focus on the content. In order to reach a specific place in the business field, it is recommended to focus on the authoritative and quality content, which exactly demonstrates your expertise, skills, knowledge and abilities in a particular field. Your content must be persuasive to bring more clients to your business.

Analytical approach:

 It is essential to use your analytical skills in determining the topic of the blog or content. Before choosing a topic, assess the general traffic patterns on your content and select the blog which became most famous, grabbing the closest attention of the audience. It is highly to choose a topic which intrigues the audience’s interest. Experiment with a new topic which you think the customer will like to read about. Keep twisting your content instead of just being static sticking to your area of expertise.

Response to customers:

            You can readily determine the customers’ needs by assessing the website analytics. Respond to customers’ need by researching about the content they are most interested in. You can use different forums in order to evaluate the needs of customers. Search about the questions customers often ask about your industry and pick a topic from there. It is a great way to determine the exact needs of customers.

Social media platforms:

 With the advent of the 21stcentury, mediums of promotion have evolved. Social media platforms have now become potent tools to spread anything you want. There are different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. Nowadays, if you want to promote your business through blogging, youcannot ignore these social media channels. Design a specific and consistent blogging strategy for each social media platform because each medium has different dimensions and also different users. So you have to design the content for each platform according to the interest of the potential customers.

Live streaming:

            The exciting part of social media platforms is that you get instant feedback about your product or business. You do not have to wait for the feedback. You post the blog and get the feedback. You can also interact and engage your customers through the live stream in which you can directly interact with the customers to assess their interests.

Content Marketing:

 It is imperative to plan and design content marketing. Content marketing will enable you to have a proactive approach for creating the content for the blog. Design a blogging calendar having deadline mentioned against each content.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is becoming a prominent channel for advertising the business. Research suggests that email marketing brings maximum revenue to the company. It is recommended to gather email addresses from social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Team collaboration:

 Blogging is not a one-person show. You have to work in a team to achieve maximum growth of your business. After blogging, there is a task of marketing in which you require a dynamic team who can work on multi-channels to advertise the business among people.


            If you are running a start-up and thinking to opt blogging as a means of reaching to the customers, then hire a professional blogging or digital marketing staff. Start-up blogging is the same as professional blogging. Do not afraid of the failures. In the start, your content will be rejected but do not give up and keep trying your best.

Long blog-posts:

            If you are writing an entertaining and fun content, then it does not matter if the length is short. Length of content can be of 500 words. If you want to write a guiding content, then your content must be authoritative. Such content ranges from 1500 to 3000 words.

Focus on the website:

            In the rush of posting contents on different forums, people usually forget or ignore the best forum, i.e. the website of your business. While guest blogging and social media platforms are also good but do not underestimate the website of your business. Your website is under your control so take maximum benefit out of it by posting the relevant content about your services. You will grow steadily, but that will be worth to have. Suppose your business is about carpentryservices, then write about the carpenters in international city and on the national level.

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