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After your bedroom and kitchen, your bathroom is the part of your home that you use more than one time in a day. On weekends, you spend abundant time here. That’s why you want to make it look good and produce a different feeling while having your showers.

For a different look and feel, you need to renovate your bathroom by adding things and making some structural changes. You need to focus more on the structural changes when you determine to have a 5-star hotel luxury or spa-like feeling in your home bathroom. Here are some ideas:

1. Add a place to rest on  

If there is no bathtub, every bathroom has at least a sort of seating tool to sit comfortably while having a shower. The item can be a bench, a chair with no hands, or a bamboo stool. With this wood made seating object, you add dimension and depth against hard stone and tile. Besides, you will have a balance while having your shower in the bathroom.

2. Give a luxury touch

Are you determined to have an expensive look for your bathroom? If Yes, think about giving luxury touches. And for this, you can consider placing a bath mat, fluffy towel, hand lotion, a hand soap bar, a bamboo shower caddy for the bathtub, and side table. By placing all or any one of these items, you can bring significant changes in the appearance of your bathroom.

3. Contain yourself

Having hurricane jars of cotton balls gives a traditional look to your shower. Containing your odds and ends is one of the most effective tricks to give an elevated aesthetic look to your bathroom. Install a tumbler to hold your toothbrush, have a dish for the storage of your soap bars, place a darling box to store your cotton swabs and hang an artistic structure to place frequently used items before you to ease your shower experience.

4. Place a bouquet of fresh flowers

Do you want to have a colorful and lively experience every day? Think about placing at least a bouquet in your bathroom. You can do a mismatch of different flowers for adding a more exclusive and textured look to your bathroom. Place only fresh and colorful flowers in the bouquet and avoid placing an artificial one if you are serious enough to have a different look in your bathroom.

5. Change your bath mat

A bath mat with a dull look can ruin your bathing experience. You can experience a mood swing while entering to or coming out of your bathroom. For a unique and spa-like feeling, you need to change the mat you have placed at the door of your bathroom. Replace it with a new one having your favorite designs/images. You can opt for a Persian or Turkish rug for your bathroom door, especially when you are determined to make it look expensive and luxurious.

6. Install circular or rectangular glass

While having your shower, it is hard for you to see your back body parts. Seeing the backside is crucial to ensure whether you have gotten rid of dust and dirt on back body parts or not. By hanging an appropriate glass, you can easily wash your body parts and focus on the one that requires more attention during the shower.


You are different in your thinking and doings from others. As per your thinking and desires, you try to have a different lifestyle, and this enforces you to add luxury and make your things look expensive. Making your bathroom look expensive is the result of having a luxury life. As per your creativity and capacity, you can add more luxury items to your bathroom.

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