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When you are in your kitchen to cook your favorite dishes, you have two certainties – good food and a mess to clear up. Whether you bake breads or cook delicious dishes alone or with family members, your electric/gas stove and kitchen slab have spills and splatters here and there. Besides, the spice boxes and utensils you have used in your cooking make your home pantry look messy and dirty.

If you leave things lying here and there and don’t do cleaning, you will find staying in your kitchen hard for you. You will avoid going there, even for cooking meals or taking anything out from there. So, it is crucial for you to keep your home pantry clean and free from dirty or unused items. Here are some useful steps for your assistance:  

1. Keep everything organized

Whether you prepare your morning tea/coffee or cook your breakfast/lunch/dinner, you have to use several requisite utensils, tools, and ingredients. To keep your kitchen free from any mess, you must put the things, like spoons, back at the place from where you took out. For example, you take out a coffee powder box from a kitchen drawer organizer to make a few cups of coffee in the morning/evening. You should place it back there. In simple words, you should keep things at their proper place after their usage in cooking.  

2. Wash dirty linens instantly

While preparing any dish, most of you wear apron to protect your outfit from getting dirty with spills and splatters. Whether you manage or not to escape from the flying red juices or spills of frying spices, your apron has higher chances of getting spills and splatters during cooking. You must wash your apron as you complete your cooking. Any wait can make washing it harder for you.

3. Opt for cleaning on the go

Cleaning on the go is an efficient way to make your kitchen free from any untidiness. Addressing a full sink of utensils after lunch or dinner is worse for anyone. Some of you find dealing with a full sink hard. As a kitchen pro, you should do the cleaning plates/utensils, or the area you have just used. With it, keeping the home pantry clean is more comfortable and effortless for you.

4. Pour off excess oil or grease into a jar

Oil or grease is an enemy to cleaning. It is the one you can’t avoid while cooking. Suppose that you are frying something the pan. Frying works better when a pan has more oil in comparison with the items being fried. Leaving oil in the pan after cooking can make your cleaning works harder for you. To ease your job, you should pour off the excess oil into an oil jar and avoid letting it spread on the slab, floor, or sink in your kitchen.

5. Use a brush and water for cast-iron

A skillet made of cast-iron can be a bit of a beast, and you need to take better care of it. For this, apply water to rinse the cast-iron skillet. You can use a brush to remove any food residues from there. After that, place the wet skillet over a low flame to let it fully dry.

6. Clean every corner of your stove

Whether you use a gas or electric stove, you must clean it after each cooking. For the cleaning of the top grates, you can use a brush for cleaning. Lift your stove up and off to clean the underneath part with the use of a sudsy cloth piece. For an induction stove, you can do only wiping its surface with a clean cloth piece.


You will love being in the kitchen for cooking meals or helping your family members in food preparation works if it is always neat and clean. A clean and messy-free kitchen is possible, when you will keep everything organized and invest a little of your time in washing dishes, slabs, and stove after every cooking. Enjoy cooking in your clean and tidy home pantry.

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