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Celebrity beauty secrets are one of the most sought-after details on the internet. And fortunately, there’s no shortage of them. 

Ever wondered how Kim Kardashian’s face stays photo-ready or how Halle Berry seems to confirm that there are truly vampires among us? We can trace these and more to their beauty secrets.

The Truth about Celebrities and Beauty

The level of consciousness celebrities put into looking amazing is foreign to most of us. Most of them go to great lengths to look good, and it doesn’t hurt that they can afford support staff to make things easier on them than the average Joe.

Most of us overlook so many things that affect beauty in the long run. We eat anything, live under stressful conditions, and opt for substandard beauty products. Here’s the truth: Based on the reality of our lives, many of us don’t have a choice about these.

So here’s the thing. While I’ll be sharing these celebrity beauty secrets, keep in mind that you don’t have their lives. If you can adopt some of their routines, fine. If you can’t, just do as much as you can with the newfound information.  

If you want to know these celebrity beauty secrets, gather round; I’ll be telling you 7 of them.

1. Get good sleep – J-Lo

Good sleep is great for the body. It keeps your heart healthy, reduces stress, helps to maintain a healthy weight, aids concentration, boosts your immune system, and helps your mental and emotional health.

According to actress, singer, and mom Jennifer Lopez, sleeping like a corpse has helped her look like she’s 30 even though she’s above 50. To J-LO, it prevents wrinkles. She also uses lots of pillows to prevent too much weight on one side of the body and keep wrinkles away.

2. Facials – Victoria Beckham

There are many moisturizers specifically created to take care of your face. But for fashion icon, singer, and mom, Victoria Beckham, her secret has been bird poop facials.

Some people believe it is the ultimate anti-aging cream. Sanitized and dehydrated nightingale bird poop is finely grounded into powder and then mixed with water to become a paste that’s spread all over the face.

Bird poop has high urea content which helps to retain moisture and guanine, giving the skin a natural glow.

3. The eyes – Jessica Alba

There are many rejuvenating creams for the eyes. I’ve heard of folks putting moisturizers and concealers in the refrigerator to help their eyes look better.

But Jessica Alba does none of that. The secret is in her lashes. She uses a hairdryer on her eyelash curler, heating it up before proceeding to curl her lashes. Voila! She’s good to go.

4. Body treatment – Angelina Jolie

Some spend a lot of time (and money) in spas or using exfoliating creams and pure coconut oil for their body treatment but this doesn’t include Angela Jolie.

The actress, producer, and mom has an expensive taste which involves the use of caviar body treatment. This is fish egg extract smeared all over the skin. It is used to moisturize and keep the skin firm.

Jolie trusts this regimen because she used it during her pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. It worked for her effortlessly so you can consider giving this a try.

5. Facelift – Kim Kardashian

There are many common ways to achieve facelift without surgery – Dermal Fillers, Ultherapy, Cryolift toning kits, lasers, and lifting serums.

However, reality TV queen Kim Kardashian once used a vampire facelift. The mother of four stunned her fans at the time by posting a picture of herself while she was getting the procedure.

Here’s how it works: Blood is taken from her arm and her platelets are extracted. Both blood and platelets are injected into her face to avert wrinkles and aging.

Beauty is pain, right? That’s a beauty secret you didn’t know. Kim has since said she regrets getting it because it was a painful procedure.

6. Face Mask – Irina Shayk

What’s a beauty regimen without a face mask? For Irina Shayk, she uses a special 24k pure gold leaf face mask. This renews cells, makes the skin firm, and minimizes wrinkles.

Probably the biggest snag? It’s pricey!

7. Body scrub – Halle Berry

The one-time Catwoman has an amazing body. We know she exercises and eats well. However, she has a secret beauty regimen: she uses a coffee body wash. The presence of caffeine in the body wash exfoliates her skin, makes it firm, and aids circulation.

Hopefully, you gleaned something here that you can either replicate or adapt to your current beauty tips and tricks. After all, what are celebs for?

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