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Our Approach

MSAM is proud to be on the cutting edge of empirically based treatment for OCD, Trauma and the full range of Anxiety & OCD Treatment Philadelphia PA. We employ the best practice and effective treatment approaches available including CBT, DBT, EMDR, mindfulness. Our groups include; Anxiety Support Group, Certified Grief Recovery Method Group and Certified Mindfulness Training Group.

All people are unique. The complex nature of each person guides our assessment and inquiry for using the most effective treatment strategies. Here are some thoughts on how people develop difficulties and become stuck. Finally, a few thoughts on how we can learn to escape the suffering of our history and find a life worth living.


Developing how we see ourselves as unique and individual people is influenced by genetics and temperamental propensities. We are, of course, also shaped by our caregivers, and further molded through exposure to diverse experiences.  Perception and conditioning are important factors in forming our unique idea of self. Learning is also influenced by our developmental abilities.

Think about this, if you will. From the moment you became aware of your existence usually somewhere between ages 4 to 6, you started to view your life day by day.  Your experiences turned into memories that built one on the other.  This moment-to-moment learning formed the groundwork for instructions for how to live your life. This learning constructed “facts” or “truths” about who you are, the meaning you attach to others as well as your understanding of the world. These “truths” become instructions for figuring out how to cope, adapt and survive.  Although early on, it wasn’t likely that you gave a lot of thought to this idea of survival, because you were concerned about being cared for and being loved. Survival when we are young meant staying attached to a caregiver, fitting in and staying attached.

Being Present

In each present moment you experience day to day existence and you are watching this process. You have been watching your life unfold since your earliest memory. You have also arrived at conclusions about your experiences and have become “conditioned” about what living means in each moment.  No matter the range of diverse things that have happened, there you were watching and learning.  In fact, as mentioned a moment ago you are here now watching yourself read-Cheers!

Getting Started

I have provided a “disorders” section in this website. Before you look it over please understand that you are infinitely greater than any description of your problem.  The criteria in each of the categories helps us (you and your therapist) to identify the specific here-and-now issue that is affecting your quality of life.

We also use these categories for research purposes to look at problems that are presented with similar symptom profiles in order to continue to find better ways to help.  You may feel relieved knowing that what is hurting you has a name, but remember that the symptoms are what you have but they never describe who you are.  You can contact us at www.anxietyocdbala.com. We look forward to working with you. Contact us.

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