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Action video games are all about fighting and using your motor skills. They are less of making strategies or solving the puzzle and are more of showing your physical strength and action. The main focus of action games is on the co-ordination of your motor activity with your eye- interaction.

Action games were the first video games and their emphasis in those action games and even the ones coming in this time is on the physical challenge a player goes through. The physical difficulties a player face in action games are only overcome through physical efforts, and they require your use of the brain in that. Although they are all about physical movements, even in that process, you have to use your mind in killing your enemy.

In action games, the player is in the centre of physical challenge, and he or she has all the control. They have to use their brain, their physical strength and the weapons do action scenes. In some actions, the player has to kill their enemy, and in some types of action games, the player has to protect itself from attacks. The player in action games either come out as the hero or zero depending upon how he or she used their motor skills during the action.

Action games are categorized into different genres, and those genres have almost covered all the physical challenges a player could go through. Some of the genres and subgenres of action games are

  • Platform Games

In platform games, the gameplay is all about climbing and jumping. There is a map which the player has to follow, and while going on the route, he or she has to overcome hurdles, attacks of enemies, different physical obstacles and much more. They have to fight with enemies in the process and sometimes have to jump over the puzzles and barriers that come in their way.

Platform games are the jumping games in which the player has some control over its action. They can jumper above their height and can stay in the air for some time. But the physical movements are not so exaggerated in a platform game, and they are somewhat under control. Donkey Kong is the first platform action game, and it became trendy among people.

  • Shooter games

In shooter games, the players are using a variety of weapon for doing an action. They have to stay at a distance while doing the shooting or killing their enemy with their particular weapon of shooting. In shooter games, lethal weapons are used, and the gameplay gets violent over time. The primary purpose of the player in shooter games is to do maximum damage of their enemy to get more rewards.

In shooter games, the hero has to play in first or third place. It can be played in teams where people come up in two groups, and one hero is selected from each team that leads the respective section.

Shooter games involve the action, passion, unique attributes, skills, and the weapons a player is utilizing while playing the game. Along with shooter games, there are counter striker games in which not only the weapons and the passion of the player helps them in moving forward but the number of accounts they also buy matters in their journey. The players have to shop CSGO Accounts if they want to stay in the game or having the passion of winning the game.

  • Fighting Games

In fighting games, the player has to fight against a group of an opponent or have to come one-on-one. There are unarmed attacks, hand to hand combat, martial arts and use of weapons in fighting games. In fighting games, the fight is exaggerated, and the players get very violent during them.

In fighting games, the players are attacked by their enemies not only once but multiple times, and in return, the players have shown their attributes and skills of fighting to survive through those attacks. Fighting games were very famous, but they faced in decline for a short period, and then subgenres were introduced in which people showed more interest.

  • Shealth Games

In shealth games, the action is not prominent because it is all about sneaking and avoiding conflict with an opponent. Players have to sneak around, and the emphasis of this game is to use indirect methods of moving forward. Although the players can come along and can attack their opponent, they have a disadvantage in it. So the players have to sneak and protect themselves from the attack of opponents. In contrast, the opponents keep on attacking the players throughout the game.

  • Rhythm Games

This genre of game is different from all other action games because it involves music-themed action. It includes dance games in which the challenge of a player is to sense the rhythm. The player in this game has to press individual buttons for a short time, and if it synchronizes with the beat, the player will be awarded points.

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