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Do you want to use AirPods with your Android phones? It’s a technical pairing that works with ease however comes with several limitations. Here’ everything users need to know.

Apple device owners use AirPods widely and efficiently. But things become tricky when it comes to using AirPods with Android phones. Users can use AirPods with Android devices very much similar to Bluetooth earbuds. However, doing so has many limitations and removes many of its best features.

Apple Devices & Their Seamless Compatibility

Apple devices and their various products work perfectly and in harmony on their own. Nut, they begin functioning substantially better when you pair with other Apple products and services. For example, Mac is an excellent and fast computer. These computers give you access to various apps and are secure also.

Their benefits go far beyond this when using an iPhone. Here, Mac computers give you a top-notch user experience. You can copy and paste their important text and other media seamlessly between an iPhone and a Mac. Users can open an app on one device and then continue it on another Apple device. Here, you can instantly see your iPhone as a hotspot and further.

The same thing users can experience with their Apple Watch. You could get a Fitbit smartwatch or Wear OS and use that with your iPhone. But there is no logical & authentic reason to do so as the experience with Apple Watch is superb. Overall, Apple’s various products and services seamlessly and better with each other compared to any other tech system.

AirPods Features That Work with Android

According to Apple, users can use AirPods like any other wireless earbuds when connecting them to their Android device using Bluetooth. It offers an immersive sound experience with a good range. Plus, it has in-built microphones that enable it to take phone calls quickly.

Besides, Android device users can also use playback controls for both earbuds, i.e., AirPods Pro and AirPods. To use playback controls for standard AirPods, double-click on the stem to pause or play audio as and when you want. On AirPods Pro, you can use controls by pressing once to pause or play audio. Further, you can double-click to skip forward and triple-click to skip backward. Apart from these, press and hold to control ambient listening or ANC.

AirPods Features Not Working on Android

All functions mentioned above seem good to hear. But these are good only on the surface. The truth is that these are the essential functions that you can get expect from any regular earbuds. But, when it comes to using AirPods on Android, you won’t be allowed to use any specialized features for which AirPods are renowned.

Here, Android users won’t get any way to change the functioning of touch controls. iPhone owners can change and customize playback controls for both AirPods Pro and AirPods. But Android users can’t avail this option. Besides, Android users can’t enjoy the seamless connectivity and pairing experience available to iPhone users.

Pairing AirPods with an iPhone is straightforward. iPhone users need to open their AirPods and click on the prompts coming on the screen. On the contrary, Android users need to complete Bluetooth pairing on their AirPods manually. Further, they have to go through the Bluetooth settings to sync everything on their Android phone

iPhone users can easily switch back and forth between various Apple devices like iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, etc. while using AirPods. But the same seamless connectivity is not available for Android users. Unfortunately, these differences go much beyond than you expect.

For example, when iPhone users remove one earbud from their ear, it pauses the audio automatically. Likewise, when they add the earbud again, it resumes the audio. Besides, iPhone users can also use one AirPod for mono playback at a time.

But these functions are not available for Android users who want to use AirPods. Also, the ‘Hey Siri’ command will not work for AirPods for Android users. Above all, users won’t get any option to invoke Alexa, Google Assistant, or Bixby by clicking on AirPods.

Apart from these, some other features are missing on Android. For example, you can’t see your AirPods’ remaining battery. Plus, AirPods Pro owners can’t find the best fit for their ears using the Ear Tip Fit Test. Also, Android users will not get any way to update AirPods firmware.

Overall, it is clear that Android users have to face various limitations while using AirPods on their devices. Technically, AirPods work with Android devices. But, all those features that make AirPods so interesting and appealing will remain missing. It does not mean that Android owners should not use AirPods on their devices, but they need to keep these limitations in their minds before deciding to use them.

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