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Oral wellbeing is an important part of your overall health. Regular dental visits and having your teeth cleaned and gums inspected regularly greatly help in spotting any early signs of dental disease. As with any other health issue, the sooner you realize a disease, the easier it ultimately is to find a good treatment. Missing teeth can be distressing. There are many options such as all on 4 dental implants for permanent replacement of these missing teeth.

When you have a missing tooth and when it’s visible to others, it can really impact your personality, behavior and can even lead to self-consciousness. A missing tooth inside the mouth can impact eating, smiling, and in some cases, your appearance. You will find that some of the best mini dental implants that your local dentist provides can make huge difference in this situation.

What is dental implant?

An implant is generally an artificial tooth base that is placed in your mouth. It is made of titanium or bone-like ceramic material. This titanium root is placed into the jawbone most of the times. Firstly, the dentist ensures that the bone in patient’s jaw area is strong enough to hold the implant. If they find it ineligible, they can work to build up the jawbone before beginning the implant surgery. After the toot is placed, a crown will be placed on it to give it a real tooth appearance. Typically, this procedure takes a few dental visits to complete. In case of all on 4 dental implants, you can have the treatment done in a single visit.

Advantages of an Implant

There are many advantages to having an implant, as opposed to other options. The American Dental Association has stated that more than 5.5 million implants are done each year. That says that they are well received with most patients. Here are some of the benefits of implants:

  • You are able to clean an implant just as you do your other teeth. These are permanent fixtures in your mouth, so don’t have to take them in and out for cleaning or soaking.
  • An implant will not shift or slip like dentures may.
  • When you fill the hole left by a missing tooth, you help to preserve the other teeth in your mouth. It also helps to maintain your jawbone and the shape of your face.
  • An implant doesn’t rely on the teeth next to it to keep it in place, like a bridge would.
  • This option is also very cosmetically appealing. They look much better than an open space and will allow you to eat, speak, and smile with ease.

If you have healthy gums, enough jawbone to support an implant, and are in good overall health, you could be an ideal candidate to have mini dental implants.

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