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Oh the joys of the holiday season. As it rapidlyLumaslimReview approaches there are so many wonderful things to look forward to. Gatherings with friends and family. Office parties, church gatherings, Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas cookies, New Years eve hangovers. Oh yes, you take the good with the bad. It is no wonder that so many folks gain 7 to 10 pounds at this time of year. New Years day the weight loss commercials come on full force to remind us all of the gluttony we indulged in from November to January. Or even as far back as October Halloween candy.

So, what are we to do. Well, I say that we should focus less on the food on more on the season. For Halloween which has just passed, focus on the costumes, the decorations, the spooky music. In November at Thanksgiving put your attention towards being with the people you care about most. Eating only the foods you truly love, and not the ones you don’t. Exercise portion control. While that turkey is cooking why not take a walk and look at all the beautiful colors of the season and burn a few calories before the feasting begins. Now during the Christmas season, there are certain treats I love and others that I know I don’t.

You’re the same way too aren’t you? But like the dutiful friend, coworker, family member, you take that piece of nut covered fudge you hate and eat it, rather than offend someone. Don’t fall into that trap. Say to people as a means of self preservation that you have made a commitment to yourself to not to have to lose weight after the holidays. I’ve had people shove snack foods in my face and tell me one bite won’t hurt. Relatives can be harsh man! You need to rehearse in your head before hand what you will say. Then say it. Over and over and over if you have to. Be a broken record. Get louder if necessary. It just makes the snack pusher look like a bully for not letting up on you. I have the perfect response. “I’m sorry, I’m going to pass this time. Perhaps your other guests would like one” Then I walk off or turn to someone else to mingle.


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