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If reading is your hobby, you are probably looking for good content always. And today, where everything is available online it is still hard to find authentic content and quality reading material. If you are someone who is a habitual read would know the struggle of reading content that has no information. This can be frustrating for many people.

In the world of blogs, stories, infographics with irrelevant information, it is a struggle to find out good sources to read from. This article is for all those readers who are looking for quality and authentic content. And yes we know, you do not want to invest your hard-earned money into getting books and magazines to read, which is why we have compiled a list of the free magazine online subscriptions you can apply for.

In this list, we have combined magazines that will give you information on hunting, learning Quran with tajweed, music lovers, etc.

List of Best Free Magazine of Online Subscriptions

  • OutBurn Magazine

If you are a music lover, this magazine offers a free online subscription. Not only does this magazine keep you updated on the latest music but also gives you a few tips and tricks on learning music as well. It has also had music graphs showing you the latest music trends. This magazine offers 5 to 10 free subscriptions.

  • Kids View Magazine

This is a colorful magazine that is made for kids. If you have kids who love to read, this is probably a magazine you should subscribe to. It has puzzles, stories, drawings, articles that will keep your child engaged.  The magazine helps children gain knowledge and make them sharp to an extent that it shapes their personalities and makes them thirsty for more.

Other than kids, a few adults and parents also like reading kids’ magazines. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure fr a few people that take them back to the fun colorful world of simple knowledge, crosswords, and puzzles.

  • The Hunt Alaska Publication

Hunting is a sort of sport plus hobby for many, even in this era. Yes, a lot of us feel it’s a violation of animal rights but it’s a sport that many practices today. So if you are one of them, it’s best to subscribe to this magazine. However, this magazine is focused on the wildlife adventure in Alaska only. But the upside is, that you will get to see exclusive wildlife photos, hunting tips, and strategies. This is a seasonal magazine, but the content of it will appeal to you in a way that would be high for people interested in hunting.

  • CNET Magazine

This is a quarterly magazine that is only published four times a year. This magazine is a mix when it comes to its contents, for example, it might have exercising articles for you or tech gadgets for you to get in the year 2020. The topics covered are diverse but we can classify it as more of a tech magazine. It will keep you updated with technological advances throughout the year. The first subscription is free of this magazine. So avail it while you can.

  • World Industrial Reporter

This is a digital magazine that offers a free subscription. If you are a businessman who likes to stay updated about the world’s industrial information, this is just the magazine for you. It will provide you with information about the products and processes of plants in Asia, the Pacific, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

  • Detroit Home Magazine

If you are into interior designing and learning about all things residential, this magazine is for you. However, it is catered to people living in Detroit but the content of it can reach out to the various targeted audience. It is a bi-monthly publication that offers a free subscription for a year. The magazine has content that will keep you up to date with the latest trend to build a stylish and updated home.

It also consists of information about your neighborhood. It is also used to make the residents aware of happening around Detroit. A lot of small business owners also market their businesses in this magazine, for example, you see will ad forlearning Quran with tajweed online in the USA, or learning French on 23rd street, or about a new furniture store in your neighborhood.

  • Biztech Magazine

As the name suggests it covers the topics related to business integration with technology. This is a good magazine to subscribe to if you are a business owner and you are looking for making your business a bit tech-friendly.

  • Global Finance Magazine

This magazine focuses on all things financial, showing the bond market, stock market, doing financial analyses, and giving us a picture of global financial institutions and companies.

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