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While working for long hours, sitting in the chair, one may suffer backache, leg pain, and joint discomfort, This is because of the fact that sitting in such a position causes one to exert uneven pressure on bones and muscles. Either by slouching or sitting in an upright position. Besides this, the rigid surface of chairs also makes it worse. To overcome all such problems one must consider buying himself or herself one of the best office chair seat cushions. 

We know that buying stuff online is somewhat difficult. Especially when it comes to choosing the best. 

Therefore, we have done some research to identify some of the best office chair seat cushions that you can pick and buy online.

But before starting off with the best seat cushions, we have tried to dig deeper into what seat cushions are? And why should they be used?

So, keep scrolling to the bottom!

Seat Cushions

Seat cushions are made up of dense foam, offering support to the coccyx, and the buttocks. These cushions are used as an alternative to buying new chairs with ergonomic designs and comfortable seats. People use seat cushions for the purpose of extra padding. 

Office chairs often have hard seats that cause pain in the pelvic girdle or coccyx. Especially, when a person is working long hours sitting in a chair, it is definitely going to affect his/her health in a negative manner.

That is why folks suffering pain and the ones who have just started working from an uncomfortable chair tend to buy the best office chair seat cushion.

Advantages of Seat Cushions

There are plenty of advantages for using a seat cushion and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Saves one of coccyx(tailbone) pain

  • Provides support to the pelvic girdle (hip bones)

  • Makes it convenient to sit for long hours

  • Helps in improving the posture

  • Improves blood circulation

The Best Office Chair Seat Cushion

After researching and testing multiple office chair seat cushions we have come across five of the best office chair seat cushions.

Brief yet overarching details of the cushions are present in this section, to help the readers make their best purchase.

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion 

If you are someone looking for a memory foam cushion instead of a plush type, then the ComfiLife gel enhanced seat cushion can be your ultimate pick. A portable solution for fighting tailbone pain. Besides, the use of gel memory foam, this cushion is machine washable. It can assist in treating sciatica pain, inducing spine alignment, and developing a healthy posture.

STUFFED Gel Seat Cushion

Appropriate for office chairs, this cushion consists of materials like memory foam to fit to the body contours and high-quality gel to remove uncomfortable pressure points from the spine and the pelvic girdle. The outer covering is non-slip to ensure ultimate condor and to keep up with the hygiene, it is machine washable too.

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

The seat cushions by Everlasting Comfort are all in all as they come with a lifetime replacement warranty. One can use this memory foam seat cushion on the hardest of surfaces. The foam uses hat responsive technology that means it adjusts according to a person’s shape of the bottom to provide ultra support and comfort.

5 STARS UNITED Bundle Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support for Office Chair

People looking for ultra-soft cushion seats can rely on this product. 5 STARS UNITED offers a complete package to support the posterior region with a seat cushion and lumbar support. Consisting of fine memory foam and outer cover pure cotton cover, this cushion pillow, and lumbar support are effective for treating leg pain, back pain, and coccyx pain.

Gel Infused Seat and Back Cushion Combo by Everlasting Comfort

Similar to other cushion seats and pillows by Everlasting Comfort this combo also offers a lifetime replacement warranty. The gel-infused seat and back cushion combo is a complete package for people working all day long sitting in chairs. These seat and back cushion combo has special holes designed for the cooling effect and proper ventilation.

Furthermore, the breathable, hypoallergenic, and machine washable cover makes it among the best office chair seat cushions.

Features to consider

We have enlisted five of the best office chair seat cushions. But when buying such seat cushions for office chairs, one must be conscious of some features. It is obvious when we pay for a certain product we expect our requirements to be fulfilled and the purpose is served.

That is why one should check for the following features before buying a seat cushion;

  • Size of the seat cushion

  • Preference for foam i.e., memory or plush

  • Fabric breathability

  • Machine washability

  • Non-slip bottom


Replacing an old office chair with a new one is pretty costly. Especially, if you are working from home for the foreseeable future, it can be really tricky to replace or buy a new one. Because most of the time we do not have dedicated spaces for office work in our homes-and many times we end up sitting on the dining chairs. And we know that it is difficult to sit for eight hours straight or even more than that in those chairs. Therefore, opting for the best office chair seat cushions can lessen the pain in your butt. 

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