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Cost to to develop an On-demand Medical Testing App for Real-Time Diagnosis – Prismetric

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Everything to know about the cost to develop a medical diagnosis app with apt data privacy & protection and most essential features to track health.

Health and medical diagnostics have always remained at the forefront of requirements as the only way to treat or find a solution to overcome the situation is only if it is diagnosed or identified timely. This applies, even more, today at a time when the world is dealing with a pandemic due to Corona Virus or COVID19. Timely testing and evaluation are the primary measures that can control any such issues. The medical world is evolving with the onset of digital technologies. The marriage blend of medical and digital techniques is already bearing fruit in terms of devices like smartwatches which can double up as heart rate monitors.

There is immense reformation going on today in the medical field, and how the medical apps are transforming the healthcare industry is something to take cognizance of. Even if we do not delve into cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence aiding doctors in detecting diseases in their patients, we still have a lot to talk about.

Take the case of a medical diagnosis app, an app that can help in making the life of a medical diagnostic lab easy. As Top Mobile App Developers, we are excited about the possibilities that a medical testing app can uncover.

A medical diagnosis app will help the healthcare providers in connecting with patients and its staff in a fast and effective manner. These apps can boost both engagement and customer satisfaction rates by relaying data effortlessly, saving precious time in the process.

There is no denying that mobile technology is the future of Healthcare, and by developing your medical diagnosis app, you can unlock its potential for the benefit of your business.

How much does it cost to build a Medical Application?

The cost of a medical diagnosis app depends heavily upon the time spent in building the app and also on the level of complexity that one wishes to incorporate inside it.

For instance, if you need a basic app in which your user will be able to book appointments, see their reports in digital format and make the payment, then it will cost you only around $12,000-20,000.

If you want to build a more advanced app that analyses the old records of a patient, sends reminders for appointments, tracks changes in the patient’s lifestyle, and give suggestions for improvement based on this data, then you will have to shell out anywhere between $25,000-50,000.

In case you want to go a step further and integrate AI and IoT into your app, then the costs will range from $90,000-1,50,000.

The pricing will also depend on the app developer’s country.

For example, a medical diagnosis app development company based in North America will be significantly costlier(up to 4-5 times) than a company based in India. Hence, you will need to choose your medical testing app development partner carefully.

The existing scenario of medical mobile app development

Many medical testing apps are not living up to customer expectations and failing in the market. It is due to poor user experience, confusing user interfaces, and unsatisfactory functionalities.

The main shortcomings of medical diagnosis apps according to our analysis are:

  • An unclear structure and a confusing UI
  • Clear lack of clinical input
  • Failure to comply with various stringent privacy regulations and security practices.

We at Prismetric focus our energies on understanding the requirements of your target audience, ensuring the success of the medical diagnosis app. We believe that a patient-oriented medical testing app should always focus on meeting the needs of the end-user and on delivering excellent user experience.

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