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Creating Success Through Association and Disassociation

What can be equally important in the longTheLight Code Review run to achieving successful outcomes in our goals, whatever they may be, is the ability to let go of limiting factors such as fears, anxieties, phobias and irrational beliefs. Sometimes such limiting factors have arisen as the result of past experiences and may require hypno analysis to achieve long term resolution. However, often a course of hyno analysis is not necessary and use of the simple mental technique of disassociation from the fear or anxiety can be extremely effective in eliminating such negativity from the mind and thus paving the way for success.

An effective strategy used by hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners and other therapists for freeing a person from such fears and phobias is known as the “fast phobia cure”. This technique can relate however to any fear or limiting belief and need not be a “phobia” in the traditional sense of the word. This treatment relies on the principle of disassociation from, and reframing of, the particular fear or anxiety. The technique described below actually employs the principle of double disassociation.

As with any such technique it works best when the person is fully relaxed with their eyes closed. The person imagines themselves in a movie theatre in front of a blank screen sitting in the front row (we will call this person the “front row person”). They then float out of themselves and into a seat in the back row where they sit with a remote control in hand which controls the movie screen (we will call this person the “back row person”). When ready the person plays out the worst case scenario of their particular fear on the movie screen. Although they may be present in the scenario it is important that they disassociate completely from the “them” on the screen. In other words, they stay in the movie theatre and simply observe the image of them on the screen as simply that, an image. When they have played the worst case scenario from start to finish the front row person enters the screen and joins in the action or observes from within the screen whichever they prefer. Once the scenario has played out to the end the back row person then rewinds the scenario back to the start. The front row person then steps out of the screen and returns to the front row.



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