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To explore the open world of Cyberpunk 2077, players can now start their journey. The fans that were waiting for this game desperately can experience it now. The storyline and characters in the game are unique. Cyberpunk 2077 also has a fast travel feature, but to use this, players have to progress the storyline first.

In the game, players have to explore the Night City. The Night City is not regular or small, but it’s bigger than the whole map of Witcher 3. Players will have to travel through several areas to save time, and fast travel will help the players. Using fast travel during a long journey will save a lot of time. So if you’re willing to unlock this feature, here is the guide of what you need to do.

Beginners who recently started the game must achieve the title named “The Ride” first. It’s a necessary thing to achieve, but players have to achieve this title quickly to unlock the fast track. 

Once you reach the required level and complete several missions, you will be able to unlock fast travel. Even if you unlock this ability, you will require fast travel points to use it. So here is the guide for obtaining them and using them.

The great thing in Cyberpunk 2077 is that players don’t need to mark or interact with the location to unlock the fast travel feature. But they surely need to drive or walk over the area. Keep this thing in mind, and take a ride around Watson. You can also visit other unlocked areas to obtain fast travel points. In the beginning, it might take some time, but after reaching a decent level, things will automatically get easier.

Once you have fast travel ability and fast travel points, you need to travel through Station Gate or a Tourist Information Center Kiosk to operate the fast travel menu. In every district of the city, there are plenty of fast travel menus available. While exploring, you’ll find plenty of them without any problem. Once they reach any fast travel spot, players can travel to any point which they have unlocked. You can find one close to Vik’s Ripperdoc shop and V’s apartment.

To start any mission or side mission, players will have to reach a specific area where the challenge is allotted. Sometimes, players have to travel so far to begin the mission, and in this condition, the fast travel feature will be useful. It will save the traveling time, which can be consumed in some other activity.


Many fans are happy with this feature, but those who do not favor this feature are also not quite a few. Some fans have mentioned that these features should be available for a limited time and consider traveling throughout the map. Undoubtedly, the fast travel feature is so convenient that every player is using it. But it is also important to explore the city by traveling. So hopefully, players will understand and will also try the actual traveling for a better experience.

Source: Cyberpunk 2077: How to Fast Travel

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