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Digital images, what are they? How are they created? How do they affect SEO? -Keephumanity

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Digital images are an essential part of the visual effect and display of an idea on a computer. As such, they present one of the plant ways to present an idea that can currently be shared through social media and other ways.The digital image consists of two dimensions x, y. When these dimensions are isolated in certain locations, it is a pixel. A pixel can be said to be the smallest part of a digital image (point size). According to the number of pixels, position, and their colors, we have several different digital images (black and white, color, binary grayscale, etc).Some of these pictures are:

Time needed: 2 minutes.

1.Digital image

  1. Binary image

    As the first images had one value of GRAY, in a radius of 0-255, the Binary images only showed only 0 (almost black) and 255 almost white. Shades between 0-255 did not exist in binary images.

  2. Grayscale image

    Unlike the Binary image, the grayscale image has all the color variations of gray between 0 -255. They are much clearer and with less contrast than the binary images.

  3. Color image

    As we said, each pixel has one gray value in the previous images. Now, in order to get a color image, IT experts have decided to have 3 values (RGB colors) instead of one value. By combining these colors on each pixel we finally get a color image (where the range of shades is still changed between 0-255).

  4. Video

    Video is a set of images through a unit of time. The video is mostly made at a speed adjustable for the human eye.

Digital images in WordPress

WordPress is an open-source platform mostly made for making websites. As for images and the role of images in WordPress is very important. The images show the content of the topic, the idea that the user needs to present. It is very important for pictures to be clean, clear, and to evoke emotion.We currently have the 3 most common image formats in WordPress JPG, PNG, and WebP.

JPG image

JPG image is a lossy standard format for the Joint Photography Expert Group. The images are file friendly and this image format can most often be found on WordPress websites.

1.What are the image sizes in JPG format most often?

Average image size per format: JPG: 15 KB,

2.How many JPG images should one page have?

Many say it averages about 30 JPG images per page, but we disagree with that. The reason is that images can slow down a site, so our advice is up to 15 images per page.

3.What is the standard size of JPG images in pixels in WordPress?

Most often these are 500 x 750 images but there are generally no rules. The only rule is why you need a picture. If you are a photo website then the pictures should be much larger. To determine the image size for your site it is best to test it on GTMETRIX. In the test results, GTMETRIX will clearly explain to you how many image sizes you need for your website.

What is compression rate image to JPG?

A compression ratio of 10:1 can be applied in JPG images without losing significant details.


The PNG image format was made in 1995 and was a real alternative to GIF.. The GIF was limited by the number of colors, the license as well as it does not have the ability to gradation, or everything is in full color or everything is transparent. Its advantage over PNG is that it has the ability to merge multiple images and create almost a small digital video, while PNG is a single image format. PNG is great for graphic design, vector images, as well as all digital images with a translucent background. During compression, they do not lose content or image quality. PNG is a lossless format image.

*WebP image

WebP image format was created in 2010, using lossy and lossless compression. When compressed WebP gives better image quality than JPG and PNG format.

How does image affect SEO work?

WordPress website is a site consisting of JS, HTML, CSS, image, video, and various other small files and plugins.When testing the speed of sites, many website tester companies will give you the results that images can take up to 50 percent of the website content.Wow that’s a lot, isn’t it?So if you think that you need to compress each image and thus reduce its size and at the same time keep the image quality as the original, then you understand how important JPG, PNG, and WebP formats are. Various image compression tools can reduce your image content by up to 90% and thus your website will be less burdened by the server and of course, the site will be quite fast. Website speed is one of the key factors in positioning on Google and other web browsers. Website testing programs are:

1.Gtmetrix-softer keep free and premium version. It is very easy to use and gives very accurate test results. The results can be both positive and negative. For all negative results GTmetrix gives you suggestions on how to solve them and if you can’t do it yourself they even provide services to solve the problem.


2.Pingdom tools-

Tools similar to GTmetrix differ in some aspects. They are generally similar and we like to test on the website of both software.How to calculate the breeze of your website?

By repeating the test 5 times on both software and taking the arithmetic values. This is the most objective way.


Image compression tools


Great tool to compression your JPG and TNG images. You can compression in bulk up to 20 images at once.



Optimize every image format JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF and WEBP.



We learned what digital images are, how they are created and compressed. We can conclude that it is very important to optimize the images, which will make the website significantly faster.

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