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Do You Believe in Miracles?

This is what the prayer of thanksgiving is all about. The   Overthrowing Anxiety Review prayer of thanksgiving is not the prayer we say at the dinner table before we stuff our faces with food and watch the Dallas cowboys and the Detroit Loins try their best to entertain us.

It's the powerful anointed prayer of a thankful believer to The Lord our provider. We have all heard that there is power in prayer and the prayer of thanksgiving can provide the presence of The Lord like nothing else. I have been to Church's were The Pastor openly has encouraged corporate prayer. Let me tell you, when you are in a praying Church when the heart of the Church is honestly praying and praising God you can feel the presence of The Lord truly inhabit the praises of his people.

I have also been Church's were people have been falling down in the spirit left and right that gave me the discernment in The Spirit that they are just putting on a show in front of the Church. The first case makes you feel empowered by The Holy Spirit. The second case make wonder if God is still there.

This is exactly what The Lord warned us about when he spoke about religious prayer. When your heart is right as you pray with thanksgiving, The Lord always shows up. In most cases with power, authority, and his almighty presence. So to wrap this up. I just want to encourage you to be bold in your prayer life. Next, time you are in your prayer closet, let your heart pray with passion and with a heart of thanksgiving to all the things he has done and what he will do in your life. You just might be surprised by the anointing of The Holy Spirit that comes from a heart and prayer of thanksgiving.



Written by jessy

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