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Does your child need to learn typing skills? The quick answer is ‘Yes.’ You may think that why even bother teaching your child how to type, right? This may surprise you, but there are plenty of reasons why your child needs to learn typing skills.

You might be thinking, “Hey, I haven’t learned  typing skills, but I’ve gotten by.” Well, pump your breaks. You may have managed using one or two of your fingers while typing, but doing it ly, you’ll be able to avoid wasting plenty of time. Typing using one or two fingers, you’ll waste time looking between your screen and keyboard. You wouldn’t want your child wasting time, right?

Having typing skills have been found to help improve children’s spellings, writing, and reading. Plus, your child will be able to work faster, produce more work, and focus on what they’re doing instead of the keyboard. Typing skills can be significantly used when they grow up and conquer the real world. This is why there are companies who consider typing an essential skill when hiring employees.

Benefits Of Typing Skills For Kids

There are plenty of reasons why you should ensure that your children learn typing skills. Here are some of them:

  •  Typing skills aren’t taught in many schools.

Even though computers and other electronic devices can be found almost anywhere, typing is not a skill taught everywhere. Unlike some countries such as the United States and Australia where typing skills are part of the curriculum, countries such as the United Kingdom keyboard typing aren’t taught. This is why you must help your child learn typing skills at home.

  •  Typing skills can be taught at an early age.

Most people consider typing skills are only meant for adults and young adults. However, your child should learn at an early age. Children at the age of seven already have the right size to type on a computer keyboard. Plus, kids at this age love using devices such as computers, making it ideal for them to start learning at this stage.

  • Typing skills save time

When your child ly types, they’ll be able to perform a written task faster. This may mean they’ll be able to finish their homework earlier than usual. Your child will then be able to rest or enjoy other activities instead of sitting in front of the computer.

  •  Typing skills help kids work better

If your child learns how to type correctly, they won’t need to keep looking down at their hands and check if they’ve pressed the right characters. If they’ve learned typing skills, they won’t need to waste energy and time looking for the correct letters on their keyboards. They’ll be able to focus on their task, which will make efficient typists.

  • Typing skills give your child an edge

If your child learns typing skills, they’ll have an advantage over children who haven’t. They’ll also have the edge over others throughout their life. If they’re able to produce written work faster than untrained typists, they can get ahead. They can reap the benefits as they progress in the real world.

  • Typing skills can improve your child’s language skills

When your child learns typing skills, their brain would be engaged in various cognitive aspects. Typing is a demanding motor activity, making your child more conscious and focused. With the improved engagement, your child will be able to improve their written language skills and spelling.

  •  Typing skills have health benefits

When your child types correctly, your child will be able to reap the health benefits. Properly typing allows your child to spend less time in front of the computer, which lessens the strain to their eyes. This will also reduce the risks of lower back pain and repetitive stress injury.

  •  Typing skills can be fun to learn

Most typing lessons and courses for kids have been designed to be interactive and enjoyable. Most typing programs utilise games, interactive tests, and simple-to-follow lessons. Websites such as TypeDojo use a revolutionary program that teaches your child in a fun way. Plus, you’ll be surprised to know that children who learn how to ly type can play video games better than others.

How Can TypeDojo Help Your Child Learn Typing Skills?

With TypeDojo, your child can enjoy an intuitive and engaging program that will help them learn typing skills. TypeDojo has enjoyable lessons that are designed to teach children in a compressive method. Each course builds off the last until your child becomes an expert typist. Their program helps instil in your child better typing habits. Your child can learn ergonomic hand placement, and how to avoid hunt-and-peck with TypeDojo’s age-appropriate activities, easy-to-follow guides, and positive reinforcement. We can give you a 100% guarantee that TypeDojo will teach your child typing skills in a breeze.

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