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There’s no doubt that the average adult doesn’t get much sleep during the nighttime. It should be realised that there are several contributing factors to such causes along with other health issues related to the same. It has reported that those adults who are not getting enough sleep are likely to crash four times more than drivers who are getting seven hours of sleep per day. 

Keeping that in mind, we’ll be sharing some real-life differences between drowsy driving and drink driving – finalising on which one is better – with the help of driving school in Werribee.

The Differences Between Drunk Driving And Drowsy Driving

It should be realised that there are several organisations out there over the last couple of decades that have prioritised to educate the public regarding all the dangers of drunk driving. Almost every new driver know the dangers of drunk driving. But, what they don’t know about is drowsy driving, as there are not many campaigns going on to educate the current public on the same. 

Even if some drivers still tend to know about drowsy driving, they admit that they tend to drive their vehicles even when they’re tired. This means that there’s a bigger problem that needs to be fixed and that includes proper education on the matter.

When you talk about drowsy driving, the main dangers lie in the way how your body functions. When your body is overly tired, your body’s reaction times become slower. Therefore, if you need to brake quickly or steer fast, you’ll require quick reflexes for the same. When your body is fatigued, it will not be able to react as it normally would. The same can be said when drunk driving as well. 

Another significant part of drowsy driving is that the driver can easily fall asleep for some seconds while driving. This is an immediate level of added danger. Such danger will increase when the car is moving at a faster rate. When people tend to go for long drives, they tend to drive at a higher speed limit as well. 

The Signs That Your Body Is Tired

Some of the most popular symptoms that your body will show when you’re tired:

  • Your eye vision will go in and out of focus.

  • You are wrestling to keep your eyes open for longer periods.

  • Your vehicle is tending to drift away from your driving lane. 

  • You are not able to remember the number of miles that you’ve already driven.

  • Missing any important turns or signs. 

  • You’re yawning too frequently. 

In case you notice these symptoms, it means that your body is tired enough to drive further. At times like these, you need to rest and sleep before continuing your journey. 

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