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espresso machine and an American coffee machine (lattemachinehub.com)

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If it is home, the coffee machine is divided into an espresso machine and an American coffee machine. But after learning to operate the espresso machine, you only need to add water to the espresso to become American coffee. American coffee machines are more convenient to use. Many coffee lovers want to be able to make some cappuccino or latte at home that is close to the taste of the cappuccino or latte usually drunk in a cafe. First, you have to have a set of espresso equipment:

1. Drip coffee pot: The drip coffee pot is the most affordable and suitable for daily drinking in the coffee machine family.

The American coffee machine is a coffee brewing method that only produces a large amount of coffee. The taste of the brewed coffee is not as good as that of an espresso machine, and the American coffee machine can only be brewed with coffee powder. The coffee brewed by the American coffee machine is quite light. Because his principle is to pour water on the coffee powder and then flow to the lower pot.

2. Capsule coffee machine: The emergence of capsule coffee machine is definitely the greatest liberation for lazy people who are keen on coffee.


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