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NetNut is a newcomer in the proxy market. All the residential IPs of NetNut come from ISPs straightforwardly. However, the rest of the proxy providers use P2P networks to get the required IPs. The services of the company named DiviNetworks, are used by this Tel Aviv-based proxy provider. DiviNetworks circulates bandwidth among all of its networked ISPs around the globe.

NetNut provides residential IPs directly from ISPs with the help of DiviNetwork’s piggybacking feature. NetNut however, cannot provide tens of millions of IPs, yet it can provide a small number of IPs, which gives faster proxy speeds and stability.

NetNut: Plans & Pricing

NetNut provides two plans: the bandwidth-based and the request-based. The bandwidth-based or the traditional plan includes six tiers and a varied amount of traffic on each tier.

You get 20 GB for $300 per month ($15 per GB) in the cheapest plan of NetNut. If you opt for a bit superior plan, you get more bandwidth and features like a dedicated account manager, IP whitelisting, and API access.

The larger plan comes with 100 GB usage for the costs of $700 per month (that is $7 per GB), and similarly, the plan at $3500 per month offers 1 TB storage, which makes it only $3.5 per GB. The larger the plan, the more cost-effective it is. We would recommend you to switch to the request-based plan if you have substantial requirements. The request-based plan starts from $7500 per month and is for over 50 million requests.

NetNut: Features

NetNut offers high speeds as it sources its IPs directly from the ISPs. This is why they provide excellent performance and stability, along with the stealth and resilience of the residential IPs. This is one of the most significant advantages of using NetNut.

Every IP of NetNut remains active during any of the given time intervals. Although the availability of the proxy providers using P2P IPs fluctuates.

Your requests go to one of the super proxies that balance the load. It doesn’t go directly to the targets. The requests are then routed with an IP address that will most probably provide you, from the target, a good response.

Currently, there is no limit on how many requests you can send simultaneously. Users can initiate many concurrent sessions at a time, as advised by NetNut, to obtain the best results. NetNut has also claimed that customers send requests more than 30 million in a single day. You can use NetNut’s proxies with every website that is available out there. Along with all this, it also provides private proxy pools that are optimized and based on the targets to ensure a significant success rate. The proxies of NetNut cover over 50 locations worldwide using the backconnect gateway servers. It also has a Google Chrome extension.

NetNut: Interface

NetNut provides a free trial for a week with which you can easily figure out the features it provides. You can get the required experience within the trial period. You will get your account details as soon as you register for the service.

The dashboard of NetNut is user-friendly, where you can track all your details regarding your subscription plans, purchases, statistics, and more. As soon as you register for the service, you will get the authentication details and the complete list of instructions on how you can configure the crawling tools and script to connect with the network.


NetNut provides a great user experience. The residential proxies of NetNut are directly sourced from the ISPs, and they offer a vast number of features that very often are useful for many users. All in all, NetNut is an affordable and attractive service and has handy features for users who need bandwidths in larger quantities.

Source : Everything You Need to Know About the Proxy Provider NetNut

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