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Fever – An Important Symptom of Many Diseases

Every infectious disease produces a characteristic typeCoronaVirus Survivor Plan Review  of fever peculiar to itself, and it is often possible to make an accurate guess as to the nature of the disease from the temperature chart. The diurnal variation of temperature is usually noticeable in disease also. Three types of fever are recognized according to daily variation, viz.

o Continuous type, in which the temperature is well above the normal and the daily variation is not more than a degree or so. It is found in

pneumonia, typhus, scarlatina, and relapsing fever.

o Remittent type in which the daily variation is more than 1.5 degree, but the lowest does not reach the normal limit. It is seen in the first and the third week of typhoid, septicemia, etc.

o Intermittent type, in which there is a marked daily variation and the minimum reaches the normal line. It is common in malaria.



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