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FUT Hair Transplant – How Is It A Preferable Technique?

Aesthetics and looks have become an important segment to be looked upon in one’s life. All of us tend to spend thousands in the hope of looking best on cosmetic procedures and on beauty products. Hairs are among the best asset which is the first thing noticed by others being at the eye level. So facing hair loss could cause mental turmoil and leads to negative psychological impact. Personality carries a major importance in professional and social life as it is one of the steps to rise for success.

Hair transplant has become a very popular treatment modality due to increasing demand of the procedure worldwide. This technique is on its peak of advancements which has made the procedure highly successful in terms of permanency and natural looks.

Hair transplant 

It is a minimally invasive procedure which is highly précised and involves shifting of hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient bald area. The donor area is selected based on the hair density available which could be preferably back and side of the head or body hairs.

It is often mistaken as treatment modality which could bring back all the follicles and cover the complete baldness. In reality, it could successfully restore 30% of the hair follicles which also gives pleasant outcome. Each hair follicle needs its individual blood supply for growth and nutrition. Therefore, only a certain amount of hair follicles could be restored.

Hair transplant in Canada is very expensive and hair loss sufferers often run out of pockets to get it treated. Like other medical procedure hair transplant is not covered under government insurance plans. Therefore, Canadians either bear the embarrassment of baldness throughout life or look for other feasible options in other affordable nations where India hits at the top of the list.

Hair transplant techniques:

The hair transplant is broadly performed by 2 primary methods which are differentiated depending on the graft harvesting procedure described as follows:

  • FUT hair transplant (Follicular unit transplantation or strip technique): FUT technique is performed by harvesting a strip of tissues from the scalp followed by their dissection to separate each graft. These dissected grafts are then transplanted following slitting in the recipient area.  Each step of FUT technique is performed under high magnification to ensure negligible damage rate. 
  • FUE hair transplant (Follicular unit extraction): This technique involves extraction of individual grafts with the help of surgical device under high magnification. These harvested grafts are then implanted at the recipient site followed by slitting.

Each graft harvesting technique has indications and limitations based on which the technique is opted as per case. Each patent are scrutinized for multiple factors to opt for technique including extent of baldness, age of the patient, gender of the patient, number of grafts available/required and quality and quantity of hair follicles at the donor area.

Is FUT a preferable technique for hair transplant: 

Each of the hair transplant technique is opted based on certain factors as per each patient. Ideally there is no preferred technique but there are certain situations in which FUT hair transplant technique is preferred including:  

  • When the extent of baldness is more: FUT hair transplant technique is technique of choice when the area of baldness is more and larger coverage is required.
  • When higher numbers of follicular grafts are desired: FUT hair transplant is opted in cases of higher graft requirement. It has the provision of harvesting around 3000-3500 follicular grafts.
  • When the patients do not wish to shave their heads: Young patients or women usually want to avoid shaving of head for hair transplant procedure. FUT is a preferred technique for them as shaving could be completely avoided unlike FUE technique.
  • It offers negligible damage rate of grafts: FUT technique is famous among experienced surgeons as the damage rate with this technique reduce to almost nil because of use of higher magnification at each step. Unlike FUE technique where grafts are extracted purely on experience as this procedure involves blind extraction of hair follicles
  • Overharvesting can be avoided: 
  • FUT technique uses a strip and no individual extraction which avoids the overharvesting of the follicular grafts.

However, FUE could be preferred in cases where there is requirement of lesser number of grafts such as initial baldness or facial hair transplant.

Medispa clinic is renowned for the world class results and is enlisted among the best hair transplant clinic. We are well known to maintain international standards of treatment and strict hygiene and safety protocols. Dr Suneet soni (MCh Plastic surgery) is famous for excellent hair transplant results and is recognized for his expert skills. He has an experience of more than 13 years and has performed more than 5000 hair transplant. He is specialized in performing FUT hair transplant technique. His astounding surgical skills and experience has made him delver natural outcome with damage rate of <1%.

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