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Craft Beer has certainly taken the world by storm, with more and more people choosing it over mass-produced regular beer. Craft Beer in London has become an ever-popular beverage in recent times, for a number of reasons. When compared with regular beer, there is a huge difference between the two according to many beer lovers these days, and if you are one of those people who have been drinking only regular beer, then it is certainly time to take your tastebuds on an adventure with Craft Beer.

Craft Beer is defined as beer manufactured by small local breweries, usually a family-owned business, with very limited output per year. These brewers use traditional methods of brewing and additional fermentation to bring out the exotic flavours that you find in Craft Beer, and they use all-natural ingredients which are hand-picked by them. They tend to pay more attention to quality than to the quantity they produce, and don’t lay much emphasis on profits and revenue either. Craft Beer is usually highly distinguishable because if the creative and artistic labels on their bottles and merchandise, which will immediately draw your attention to it.

So why is it that everyone says Craft Beer in London is better than regular beer, and why has it become so popular among people? Here’s why:

  • Superior taste – If you’ve been drinking mass-produced beer, you will surely agree that the taste is pretty much the same. Not so with Craft Beer! Craft Beer has a richer more distinct taste, because a lot of time and energy is placed into making a high-quality product that is extremely flavourful.
  • Better variety – Craft Beer breweries use their own unique recipes to come with a variety of distinct flavours, so that there is a Craft Beer to suit everyone’s taste, and there are so many different flavours to try out, that you can spend a lifetime experimenting with them. Each brewer will have their own unique tastes, and let’s just say that each batch of beer won’t taste the same either.
  • More alcohol content – While regular beers offer a very low alcohol volume, sometimes going as low as 2%, some Craft Beers may have alcohol volumes of 20% or above, giving the beer drinker a greater kick for the same amount of money they spend.
  • Health benefits – Craft Beer manufacturers use natural ingredients to produce it, making them high in antioxidants, protein and Vitamin B complex. It reduces the risk of getting many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes type II, hypertension, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and diseases like Alzheimer’s diseases and dementia. Hence, moderate consumption of Craft Beer is said to have many health benefits.
  • Better quality ingredients – Craft Beer breweries do not use any preservatives, and only use natural organically grown ingredients. Furthermore, the ingredients are hand-picked by the brewers so you know they use only the freshest ingredients they find.
  • Eco-friendly brewing – Brewers of Craft Beer use sustainable eco-friendly methods throughout their production process, which includes using alternative sources of energy, composting and offering spent grain to local farmers.
  • Food pairing – You have no doubt heard about food pairing with wine, but have you heard about food pairing with beer? The extensive flavours of Craft Beer available make it the ideal beverage to pair with your favourite food, which is not something you can do with dull tasting regular beer.
  • Supports your local community – Craft Beer brewers are people from your own community whom you meet on a daily basis. Buying Craft Beer in London means you are helping support your own local community, and furthermore you are also helping farmers and other people as well with increased job opportunities, increased business etc.
  • Seasonal beer – Ever wanted something different to drink during the different seasons? Well, with Craft Beer that is just what you have. There is a beer for every season and every occasion when it comes to Craft Beer, and the choices are endless.

In addition to all these other fantastic reasons for choosing Craft Beer over regular beer, there is also the fact that Craft Beer makes a great topic for conversation. The methods and practices involved with making Craft Beer are so diverse and interesting that it makes for stimulating conversations while at the pub or while downing one at home with a couple of friends.

With limited output of Craft Beer, you might think it is a difficult beer to find in your local stores and pubs, but the fact is that there are several ecommerce sites that specifically concentrate on Craft Beer and who offer doorstep delivery. When I want to find Craft Beer near me, I simply search online and place my order, and wait for it to be brought right to me.

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