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Is your mobile’s GPS not working? If yes, this article is for you because today, we will share five tips that you can use to fix this problem and use your mobile’s GPS without any issue or problem. So, without wasting any more time, let’s learn about these tips in detail.

Here’s how you can fix your mobile’s GPS.

Go to a Different Spot or Location

Sometimes it might not be the fault of your phone if your GPS is not working. Sometimes you might not be able to use GPS if you are standing next to a big wall, /big building, or due to bad weather. However, we can quickly solve this problem by moving to a different spot or location. So, try moving to a different location away from trees, big walls, /big buildings if you are unable to use GPS on your mobile. This is a small tip but can surely help you out.

Check Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Connection

You need a stable and robust Wi-Fi or mobile data connection for using GPS on your mobile. However, if your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is not working correctly, then you might not be able to use GPS on your mobile. To make sure this is not the case, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi connection or try moving to a different spot/location if your mobile’s signal strength is not that good. If this fixes your problem, then your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection was the real culprit due to which you were unable to use your mobile’s GPS.

Turn Your GPS off & on Again

Sometimes you may not be able to use your mobile’s GPS due to a technical glitch. However, we can solve this problem by turning our mobile’s GPS off and on again. This will help you get rid of any technical glitch, which might affect the normal functionality of your mobile’s GPS so that you can use GPS on your mobile without any problem. Try turning your GPS off and on again if your mobile’s GPS is not working.

Rebooting & Airplane Mode

If the above method fails, then you can try enabling and disabling airplane mode on your mobile. This will refresh your mobile network and fix your mobile’s GPS if it is not working due to a problem in your mobile’s data connection. Additionally, you can also try rebooting your mobile to fix your mobile’s GPS. However, if these two methods do not work and you can’t use your mobile’s GPS, then this means that you are not dealing with a technical glitch, and you must take your mobile to an expert for getting it fixed.

Disable Power Saving Mode

If you don’t have enough charge in your mobile or are using your GPS app in power saving mode, you might face it. Why? Because it might affect the normal functionality of your GPS app. However, we can quickly solve this problem by disabling the power saving mode on our mobile. So, make sure that you have not accidentally enabled power saving mode on your mobile if your GPS app is not working correctly.


There can be lots of reasons due to which you might face problems with your mobile’s GPS. However, you can quickly fix your mobile’s GPS with little patience and these tips. So, do use these tips if your mobile’s GPS is not working properly. These tips will surely help you out.

Need more help? Let us know about it in the comments.

Source : https://getsetuplist.com/gps-not-working-heres-how-you-can-fix-it/

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