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How to choose a kitchen knife. Where to buy good kitchen knives

House slowness

The kitchen is practically endless and endless area for creativity for every housewife. Here you can find a lot of essential and useful things, starting from furniture and ending with kitchen knives. Yes, without a knife, even the most modern kitchen would be incomplete, its absence immediately noticeable, as this sharp object is often used: it is clean, cut, ground, and so on. . But how good it will be depends on the sharpness of the object as well as the material used to make it. Today we will talk about choosing the kitchen knife properly and where to get it.

How to choose a kitchen knife

Irreversible knife

All chefs and pastry chefs know what the “big” Haitian “, but the hostess knows it? If not, you need to tell us about it. These are the three knives that are indispensable in the kitchen, because they are almost certain Can do. First of all, it is a large damask kitchen knife with a blade length of thirty to forty-five centimeters. With this, they do a lot of work in the kitchen, for example, they cut meat or fruit and Grind vegetables.

Second, you need a medium-length knife (up to thirty centimeters). It is used for some types of cooking. Third, it is a small knife twenty centimeters long. Useful where others cannot handle. Good kitchen knives are essential items that should be in every hostess’s home.

All three of these items are designed to process densely molded products, so their cutting surface is rounded to the end.

Thus, the large triangularis are three powerful knives, which vary in size among themselves. He has every professional chef or chef.

How to choose a kitchen knife

Auxiliary knife

Before choosing a kitchen knife, you have to know what else they need in the kitchen. Almost every hostess in the armory has a knife to cut bread. It has a long long blade with a cut and untouched tip, which helps to fully deal with the cutting of bread and other pastries, as it easily cuts through the crust and cuts the meat.

There is also a knife for cleaning vegetables (fruits). They are of several types: a simple blade as well as a blade with a special hole. Their working surface is relatively short and has a pointed tip.

There are also those used to butcher and cut the meat, separate it from the bone. They have a small narrow blade that extends at the base and bends to the end. This is done so that the flesh does not stick to the blade.

Another frequent guest in the kitchen is a crumb knife. (Sausage, cheese and so on). It should be of medium width and with a long blade of a smooth surface. There is a serrated kitchen knife for the fish. Select it so that it has a long flexible blade.

Nice kitchen knife

There is a large number of subsidiaries hachaku, which can be used to process various products, such as cheese, mushrooms, etc. But it is not necessary to keep them in your arsenal, the most important copies will suffice. In any case, the choice is always the hostess.

The blade

Knowing how to choose a knife for the kitchen is fine, you have to pay attention to your blade. Forged products are considered the best, but cannot always be found in stores. As an alternative, stainless steel knives are used, to which chromium is added, which makes the product very durable. Also molybdenum and vanadium can be added to stainless steel, they are safe for health. The color of the working surface of the knife should be uniform, leading to the belief that the alloy used is of very high quality. The sharpening line should not be pasted on or done.


How to choose a kitchen knife, you need to pay attention to the quality of its cutting surface. To do this, look at the knife on the side. The surface should not contain dents, chips, scrapings and other things. A person should see a continuous line of equal thickness. The cutting surface must not extend at the tip or be wavy. In this case the best option would be a blade in which the cutting part cannot be separated. This would mean that the knife is well sharpened.

How to choose a good knife

Ideally used in the kitchen today, a knife with laser sharpening. Such a subject is capable of self-accelerating during operation. You can see the quality of such a knife from side to side; The matte exposure should be visible on the cutting surface.


A good kitchen knife should have a handle that sits comfortably in your hand. Today they are made of various materials: steel, plastic, wood, and so on. Here, special attention should be paid to the fact that the wooden handle may eventually be erased and change its original shape. Cracks are seen in it. In this case the plastic will last longer, but you need to see if the knife blade reaches the end of the handle, as many manufacturers save steel. The most practical knives are those that have a steel handle. The only disadvantage in this case is their large weight.

Whichever material the handle is made from should be comfortable and practical, the blade should not loosen over time.

Damsk Steel Knife

Earthen pots

Before choosing a kitchen knife, pay attention to the value that is ceramic. Ceramic knives have recently appeared in the kitchen, but they do not need to be sharpened, as they remain sharp for a long time. A special composition made such a piece of kitchen utensil, to which zirconium dioxide was added. This gives the subject a black color, and most importantly, durability.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to using ceramic knives. First, it has a high cost, and secondly, it breaks or cracks with a strong mechanical action (impact).

Where to buy

Before you choose a knife for the kitchen, you should know where to do it. Modern stores offer a huge selection of kitchen utensils, but the price does not always match the quality. Very often, manufacturers indicate inaccurate information about the knife’s alloy structure or their sharpness, which confuses the consumer. Therefore, it is recommended to buy knives for working in kitchens from proven places or reputed companies. For example, a ceramic knife of high quality would be quite expensive, and a high quality product made of steel is almost eternal. Japanese and Swiss dishes are considered good.

Pick up kitchen knife


The device needs to be used for its intended purpose, to run for a long time. The main thing is that it should not be accessible to children, as a professional knife is a dangerous thing, as it has an exceptionally sharp blade. This kitchen appliance is used only for its intended purpose, they cannot cut frozen meat and bones, and it is also not recommended to bend the blade to test it for flexibility.

Now we know how to choose a good knife. It is not necessary to have equipment for all occasions in the arsenal. Experienced cooks recommend getting only examples of the so-called “big trio”, but they should be of high quality, only then they will be able to serve longer. And if a person has a desire to feel like a professional in cooking, you can buy a lot of good knives. The main thing is to be carefully cut so that health is not affected.


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