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Business process outsourcing is a third-party entity that comprises well-trained executives, who work mainly with the computer system, customer relationship management (CRM) software, telephone operation. BPO services are advantageous to all kinds of organizations. It is gainful as it cuts the investment over manpower and physical infrastructures. A salesperson can influence a BPO to accomplish distinct promotion objectives.

There are two major kinds of BPO service centers,

  • Outbound Service Center where the business organization contacts the clients to perform the promotion objectives
  • Inbound service center where the clients contact the organization’s helpline numbers in sequence regarding the product or services and for any assistance.

The BPO has innumerable functions and direct marketing is one of the prominent services that it offers.

Let us discuss below how the BPO serves as direct marketing agencies:


Financial management service has an imperative role in investment and savings, providing security from the hazard factors and promoting the development of the organization and businesses. There are obvious charges allied to operating an outsource company. The charges will be specified according to the payoff per workstation, settlement per client contact, outcome per lead generation, or payment as per the sales derived. Service level agreement (SLA) is mandatory to finalize with the service provider for the assurance for a typical quality and adaptation tolls with terms for both rewards and consequences. Return on Investment (ROI) ought to take into consideration the likely income as against the charge.


Taking into account the precise database and contacting the entitled customer and getting their attention towards the sales or services of the business is one of the ways to generate leads. The sales set of team members could directly visit the interested clients and provide them with the necessary details about and business to churn their curiosity and close the sales funnel. But the database must be very effectively prepared as the excellence of the original database has a high impact in the conversion percentile for the sales team.


A sale is a transaction between two or other parties in which the purchaser receives substantial or insubstantial produce, services, or property in exchange for cash. In the economic markets, a sale can also consign to a contract that a customer and vendor make concerning the value of safety measures. The clients directly contact the particular number to book for reservation. For instance businesses such as restaurants, air-travel services, theatres, etc. Customer relationship management (CRM) plays a major role in conditions of profiling the clients and prompting the call center employee in creating a personalized offer to the client requirement.


The business organization must be very cautious to keep hold of existing active clients while looking out for new clients. The active clients must be offered attractive deals analyzing their past usage in order to retain the clients. Customer relationship management (CRM) plays an active role in knowing the past interaction details to sort the client value for a better retention offer.


To develop the handling or to make a sale of distinct product or services to an active client, BPO Services takes the previous custom pattern into consideration with the help of software to prompt the agents. On the other hand, the organization could opt for an outbound operation exclusively to up-selling or cross-selling to their partitioned pattern.


Direct marketing services by a business process outsourcing agency could also complement other marketing efforts. The agency could contact a particular set of clients by mailing them an exclusive offer, remainder to check out the new arrivals or developments in the business or services. A follow-up call or email is mandatory to nurture the targets and help them slip towards sales. The BPO Services takes all the necessary steps required to churn a sale.


Marketing research management is the major tool in BPO services to determine client satisfaction or the quality of the service. The active clients and past customers are contacted to collect the sample database. The active clients are requested to rate the service of the business or products across several parameters which are critical to quality. The final rating was consecutively obtained as a standard to improve client satisfaction and build client loyalty towards the business or services.

Both voice process and non-voice process are involved to offer the best customer help desk support to the organization. Only good customer support can draw the customers towards your brand. Positive customer handling along with various marketing efforts can cumulatively help the organizations to reach their revenue goals.

BPO services have helped major industries to stay afloat in this pandemic downturn and these supporting partners are going to be a huge savior in the times to come.

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