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The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has finally arrived and it began to produce heat among the gamers. Epic Games have stunned every one through the all-new world of Fortnite. Season 2 includes various new aspects that have totally altered the gaming experience of Fortnite. The all-new events alongside maps and cosmetics have added to the game.

Along with that, there are several new aspects added to the game that has made the Gameplay a bit intricate. The topmost among all of them is the Henchmen which is an all-new foe of the players that is ready to hinder the players in Brutus Challenge. The gamers have to accomplish the Brutus Challenge as it will provide them with lots of benefits that are beneficial for their game.

Brutus Challenge can only be accomplished when gamers need to know everything about Henchmen; Their location, appearance, and potency.  Below we have gathered specific workaround that will help out players to attain the information about Henchmen, including ways to slay them.

How to Find Henchmen?

The Henchmen are the minions in the Fortnite world that have been controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence) to hinder the gamers from reaching to various newly added beneficial places and points. Gamers can quickly encounter them at The Yacht, the Grotto, the Rig, The Shark, and The Agency. These potent foes are spread in all regions of Fortnite, and they guarded vault that contains a plethora of loot. The gamers can easily know about these Henchmen as all of them are similar in appearance.

They wear a skull mask along with white suits. Alongside this, a mark will continuously appear on their head to notify the gamers about them. These marks keep on alter depending upon the mood of Henchmen; If they are feeling sad or acting suspiciously than the mark will appear as Yellow. Otherwise, there would be an exclamation mark on their head while they pertain to attack or alerted. Gamers will also know about them quickly after they encounter them because of Stealth.

How to Defeat Henchmen?

After the gamers have notified about the behavior of Henchmen through the mark that lies above their head, henchmen will attack the player and also beckon other Henchmen for help. The gamers have to be careful as Stealth attacks can slay them in one shot. Alongside this, gamers need to be fully prepared before thinking of accomplishing Henchmen and Brutus’ event.

Gamers need to be fully mobilized themselves with advance weapons and gears to face Henchmen. Once gamers adopt these steps, then they will probably thrash out the entire encounter Henchmen lineup easily.

The gamers have to face the Henchmen and Shadows in two of the Brutus challenges. These enemies will have easily vanished after gamers done more than 2000 damage to them. Alongside this, the players should also maintain at least 20m distance from Henchmen while attacking and dodging in the arena.


The subsequent blog obtains a workaround to brief the gamers about Fortnite all-new Season updates alongside ways to find and slain Henchmen. We assume that you will probably accomplish the Brutus event of Fortnite after attaining information through the blog. For any missing content about the topic from the blog is a clear made a mistake, and we are incredibly regretful for it.

Emily Johnson is a Microsoft product expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Emily has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup.

Source: https://emilyjohnso731.wordpress.com/2020/02/27/how-to-find-henchmen-in-fortnite-chapter-2-season-2/

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