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Burglars are well aware of how simple it is to get access to a home through a roll-up garage door, and now you are as well. As a homeowner, you should be aware that a thief can open a closed roll-up garage door in seconds with nothing more than a tiny piece of wood and a coat hanger.

A coat hanger may be used to trigger the garage door repair safety release mechanism from outside the garage door. A burglar just has to thread a coat hanger or looped length of wire through the top of a roll-up garage door,

And pull the emergency latch to open it. The door may be raised by hand to permit a burglar inside and then swiftly rolled back down by disengaging the safety mechanism on your door.

It’s incredibly simple to break into a garage using an automated garage door opener, especially if you have garage door windows that allow a burglar to see precisely what they’re doing. Even without windows, the process is simple and can be completed simply by feeling and knowing where the release cable is placed in the middle of your garage.

If you need to trip the emergency release lever, such as during a power outage, you can manually roll up the garage door while holding the cable. If the wire is disconnected, it will be more difficult for a thief to get access to your garage.

If the burglar anticipates that getting into your garage door replacement would take too long, he or she may give up rather than risk being caught. Because the wall button or remote will not operate if the power goes out due to an emergency, be sure you have a method to reach the lever and release it so you may physically roll up the garage door to exit.

On certain garage door openers, you may attach the lever to the carriage assembly with a plastic cable tie or thin wire. The release cord is always connected to the lever through a hole, and certain carriage components include holes through which the cable tie or wire can be threaded.

You can drill a hole in your garage door opener if it doesn’t already have one. The objective is to make grabbing the rope and pulling the lever down as difficult as possible for a flimsy coat hanger.

You achieve this by fastening the engaged arm of the automatic opener with a zip tie (or two). The safety pull handle may still be yanked hard from within the garage, preventing thieves from bypassing the system.

Hopefully, every time you drive out of the garage, you lock the door leading to your house. When we come and go during the day, many of us forget to secure the door between the home and the garage.

Even so, once a thief has gained entry to your garage and rapidly lowers the garage door service, they will have plenty of time to avoid being spotted by bypassing the door lock to your home.

Many doors aren’t built solidly or have a lock, which makes it simpler for robbers. Burglars can pick the lock using little tools they bring with them, or, to add insult to injury, they can break the door lock with tools most of us have in the garage.

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