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In your manufacturing business, you frequently come across a time when you have to make holes in parts. For this, you have to drill a metal sheet, extruded/formed part, or a tube. The punching tools and methods used to make holes vary as per the part and metal type. Here are some tips to do the drilling job faster, easier, and safer:

Safeguard your eyes

A single tiny metal fragment is enough for a serious eye injury. While drilling/making holes, you must value your eye protection. And for this, wear a pair of safety glasses that cover your face well.

Select the right tool

In your manufacturing business, you have to make holes of different sizes as per your needs or your client’s requirements. Further, you have to do this job on different metals, such as steel, iron, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. A single drill bit of a single size is not suitable for all drilling jobs. So, you must choose the best suitable punching tool and drill bit for the execution of a drilling job well.

Make a dimple

As you begin drilling/punching, drill bits wander around the place. For the right drilling, you should measure and mark the place and use a hammer and center punch for the formation of a small dimple. With this, you give a place to the drill bit to ride and make your drilling job smooth.

Lubricate the punching tool

For making holes in a metal sheet/tube, you should apply multipurpose oil or cutting fluid. Lubrication brings heat buildup and friction down. Further, it eases drilling jobs and facilitates the life of drill bits and other tools being used.

Clamp the metal sheet, part, or tube

When you start punching a metal sheet, part or tube, the job makes the workpiece to spin. And this spinning makes your drilling job harder for you. For faster and efficient drilling, you must clamp the part/tube/sheet on the both sides to hold the same.

Begin with a small job

Need to make a big hole? You should start with a small one, especially when you are doing this job for the first time. Starting with a small one will enhance your confidence and encourage you to do your job efficiently and fast.

Debar the hole

Removing burrs or sharp edges left behind is an excellent idea after making holes in metal sheets or parts. You can use debarring tools to make sharp edges smooth and fine.

Do drilling at a slow speed

Faster spinning makes a drill bit get hotter and this heat makes the bits dull quickly. Applying slow speed for metal sheets and parts is a good idea. While working with larger drill bits and hard metals like steel, you need to apply a slower speed. Be at 3,000 rpm if you are using a small twist bit, from 1/16 to 3/16 inches. Never go beyond 1,000 rpm for a large twist bit of 11/16 or 1 inch.

Make a sandwich

Making a wooden sandwich is fine for precise and clean holes in thin metal sheets. You have to place the thin metal sheet between two wooden pieces and clamp them on a workbench. The wooden pieces keep the metal sheet flat and prevent drill wandering while making holes.


Making holes or punching metal sheets/parts/tubes is the job which needs to be done carefully for better and faster results. You can do hole making jobs faster when you have all the requisite skills and punching/drilling tools. If you have no advanced punching tools, try to get them as soon as possible to facilitate your manufacturing business. With the use of the right tools and machines, you can keep going on the success path in your manufacturing business.

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