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World-Events: Something RuneScape gold related to the Sixth-Age (do the quests I said to better understand that ) where Gods fight each other in Gielinor, with the winner determined by the gamers. The first one was the Battle of Lumbridge which featured Zamorak v. Saradomin (Saradomin won), the second that is currently taking place is that the Bird and the Beast which is Bandos v. Armadyl (the failure of this event dies). That’s all that I can think of at this moment, but those are a vast majority of the major upgrades to the game. If you would like to find out more about what’s happening in 2014, check out THIS Reddit thread that summarises everything that happened at RuneFest 2013.

I need to upgrade my melee weapons. Right now my best is a BGS, which can be embarrassing for somebody my level. I was initially thinking about going for chaotics, however, drygores are crashing and might in fact be within my price range. So I need your advice. Here’s a little about me: I despise dungeoneering. Usually I solo since I can not stand teams. This reduces my xp/hr sadly. I have 87k tokens. I have never gotten 2m xp (which would be needed to get 200k tokens). If I were to get chaotics, I would have to double the encounter I have up to the point. I can make 1.2-1.5m an hour.

Drygores is much better on all fronts, the real question is cash. Can you create enough inside time drygores degrades to keep up with repairs and will you make your money back and accept buying them as a reduction (due to the fact they are decreasing in price and certainly will in anticipation for ANY future melee updates). Rates are somewhat more stable now, but I for one still haven’t given into the drygore trend…

I see the hurt output and it’s substantial, do not get me wrong, but for somebody like me that may only do the odd slay task every day or maybe every day or two, I do not see spending the money worthwhile. If you would like to combat/boss I suggest buy RS3 gold go for the big time.

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