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Life Master: On Becoming Your Own Life Master With Spirit Guidance – Part 2

With this knowledge, I began to think more for  10 Minute Awakening Review myself. I didn't always follow where others went. I started to think outside the box. I learned that I, as Soul, am an individual, on Earth, to learn lessons. As individuals, we are also here to grow spiritually and personally. A lot of people do not realize that the purpose of being here on Earth is to learn lessons and as stated above, to grow spiritually and personally.

I expect to be given the freedom to grow personally and spiritually and to give others the same freedom. It means accepting others exactly as they are and not imposing our wishes and beliefs on them. We all are on individual paths; experiencing life and God in our own way.

The purpose of life, in my opinion, is to become a conscious co-worker with God. This means to help others; to allow others to be. I think another question is what vehicle could I use to be a conscious co-worker with God. I suggest that that is a question that you, too, can ask. Before you go to sleep or in contemplation, ask How can I serve God and let my heart sing at the same time. or words to that affect.

I also suggest that you might not receive the answer in your sleep. Pay attention to what goes on during your day. Answers are always being given to us. Those spiritual voices heard in stereo can be actively deceiving. Discerning the right channel from the wrong one can be arduous. So, what are some indicators we're hearing from God and not the enemy.



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