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Most Common Diseases in the World

Some diseases are transferable and some restrict themselves  The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review to a specific person. Most of the them are transferred from one human being to another via blood, air, body fluids and use of infected materials. Such diseases include hepatitis, HIV Aids, skin related problems and some virus such as Swine flue. Such infections can be caused from various sources like from biting of insects like mosquitoes cause malaria and dengue virus. Skin diseases like chicken pox can be transferred from one individual to another via touching and eating together with the infected person. High blood pressure is considered to be a disease of old age. However this disease can also affect the body due to unhealthy eating habits and depression. Another disease which is associated to unhealthy eating habits is diarrhea and related stomach disorders. Allergies of various forms are also common and almost every individual even the animals suffers some kind of allergy. Allergies are curable if diagnosed properly.



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