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Have you ever thought about what your fellow awesome our readers are like and what devices they use? Well, today you can get a chance to know a little more about each other. We have gone through some anonymous usage insights in order to give an idea about where users are from and what devices they are using the most.

We have had a look on several times at this data statics. All of the anonymous usage statics in this article are based on our visitor demographics from March-April 2021.

Before taking you to the fun stuff, let’s begin with where you are all from. You are probably reading this article either from the U.S.Aor India, which holds 30% and 20% of our readership, respectively. The Rest 10% of users are from the U.K, 10% from Canada, 8% from the Philippines to round out our top 5 countries. Some of you fantastic users from Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and Pakistan count on the rest of our top ten countries.

But what mobile devices are you using, what browsers for browsing? Which versions of android are you using? Let’s check it out.

Which brand is your favorite?

Looking at wide brand ranges, the two tech giants- Apple and Samsung are the most popular reader choices, with Samsung, the overall brand leader with a 33.6% slice of the pie.

Both of them have become popular in the past few years, especially Apple devices, which now hold 20% of our audience.

On the other hand, Xiaomi has developed a big profit in its global market share. This year, Xiaomi holds the third position when it comes to brand popularity. Unfortunately, the mobile phones of Google are becoming unpopular among the users. It is maybe due to our readership has outpaced in markets where the phones of Google are becoming less popular than other brands.

For actual phone models, we have a wide variety in our results in order to insert them into a graph. Individual devices hardly scrape 1% each nowadays. However, there are some notable devices that fall under the top 25. Apple’s iPhone and iPad hold up the top two places, accounting for 18.6% and 15.5% of all the devices, respectively. However, Apple doesn’t have enough products that can allow us to part them into small specific models. So, we cannot say if you are here to glisten your plushy iPhone 12 or looking for a shiny android in replacement of your old iPhone 6.

What are the Popular brands with readers?

Undoubtedly, apple products come under the top rankings with our readers. Samsung’s Galaxy S series is also the most popular, as expected. The Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, S9, and S8 fall under the top rankings. Probably there are some Google lovers among you. Google Pixel 5 falls behind them as the most popular individual headset, and the Pixel 4 XL and 3 XL also make a place in the top 25. There is an exciting fact that Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro comes in a 0.56% share all on its own, which makes it the only Chinese smartphone in the top 25.

You are probably using the latest operating system

Each time we look into our reader’s insights, you people have been moved ahead of the typical android update curve. As you folks are tech bugs and clearly would love to use the latest and most ingenious security patches installed. Well done, excellent reader.

To be precise, 30% of you are currently running android 11, which is a piece of great news from the security viewpoint. A slightly further 37.7% are currently running a bit older android 10, which is not ideal but pretty good. It’s because a few OEMs are pretty slow in order to update their devices and eventually drop support.

Also, some of you are still on android 9, which is an outdated OS version and not good from a security standpoint. Sadly, Google does not update its android distribution numbers anymore, even via android studio. Well, there is a static showing that the update situation is improving year on year among our wonderful tech-savvy readers. A few years back, only 13.5% of you were on the latest android version of that time named nougat. Our stats of 2019 showed an effective improvement as 18% of folks moved to the android version 9.0 pie, and now we are approximately 29.8% on android 11.

Final thoughts

There is a huge trend when it comes to your choices for the android versions. 58.7% of folks visit the on their android device, and a further 14.6% uses iOS. However, mobile is the most favorite device to browse our blogs, but many of you still use a PC to perform browsing. There is a slight preference for windows among PCs, which prominently out muscles Mac, Chromebook, and other Linux users.

Interestingly, 0.2% of users have visited our blogs using a Tizen-powered device. I am hoping that their Samsung smart fridge has performed this visit. Even funnier or rather impressive one out of every 5,000 folks still enjoying a Blackberry. Hoping that you folks have got to learn a bit more about your consociate awesome readers.

Hi, this is Elisa Wilson , a tech-savvy from the Canadian province, Alberta. I am a computer science graduate who is currently working as a tech research analyst at Kforce Technologies. Alongside providing detailed info-graphics to studies in question, I also create instruction manuals and troubleshooting guides as per the client’s requirement. Recently, I have created a Roku activation guide, and here’s the link you need to follow: roku.com/link.

Source :- https://computersoftware410578901.wordpress.com/2021/05/31/our-readers-use-these-devices-to-read-our-blogs-2021/

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