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PoE and The Edge Fueling Faster Speeds in the IoT

As connected devices continue to multiply across the cyber landscape, the need for speed and proximity is increasing too. Traditional computing and storage models like those found in the cloud are not going to be able to meet the sheer volumes of data that end users are coming to expect. And while some centralized computing will need to remain, an alternative architecture is going to take over. That new model is called the edge, named for its closer proximity to the device. Edge computing is offering a more dynamic data process model, one that provides low latency and higher speed. Edge computing architecture is increasingly becoming an alternative to the cloud.

Let’s begin on a logistic level. Edge is a lot easier to build and maintain. Imagine the financial requirements to construct a cloud computing and storage facility. Start with millions of dollars in permits, cooling and construction, all located on a 20-acre lot. Now, compare that scenario to plunking a 20-foot shipping container at the base of one of the many wireless towers you see sprinkled across the countryside.

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Edge Computing Module A Vapor Edge Module at a cell tower (a rendering).

It’s easy to see which is faster and easier to initiate, and the added benefits only begin there.

Smart cities and all of the connected devices are going to suck up a lot of bandwidth. With all of these devices competing for storage, analysis and computational headroom, things will bog down quickly without the relief from edge architecture.


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