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Reasons Reputable Firms Do Not Use Guaranteed SEO Results

Guaranteed SEO results may seem appealing, especially if you are a small business owner or an amateur blogger. The thought of ranking on the top in the search engine and increased traffic is what every business owner wants, and a lot of SEO service providers offer these guaranteed results. But there is are multiple reasons why one should stay clear of the word guaranteed. One can still achieve a higher rank in the search engine, increase traffic, conversion, and online visibility with an agency that does not offer guaranteed services. The truth though nobody can guarantee ranking because many variables control the outcome. Now let us talk about why industries do not use the term Guaranteed SEO.

Why Reputed Companies Don’t Guarantee Results in the SEO Industry? 

When it comes to SEO, nobody has complete control over the end product. Multiple variables come into play to determine the final outcome, which we do not have control of. Such as the Google algorithm, which keeps on changing, the competitor's product and their marketing activity, or the changes in the wants and needs of the consumers. These are some things that we do not have control of, and we can't stop them from happening. Good companies will work to establish a solid ranking and positive ROI, but they won't guarantee ranking.

Rankings are Inherently Unstable– The ranking at a particular position in the search engine at a single point of time says extraordinarily little about the future or even the present. Especially with the everchanging Google algorithm, it can be challenging to guarantee this rank.

Rankings Are a Poor Metric for Overall Performance– Just ranking on the top for the keyword or phrase does not equal traffic or conversion. A good SEO campaign should not be measured by the ranking but by the increase in search engine traffic, conversion, and the performance of the site. Increased traffic and conversion mean SEO is doing the job.  

Causes Ethical Problem– Guaranteeing SEO carries an inherent ethical problem, but the demand for it will never go away because people like guarantees. A good SEO service provider will be upfront about the process and talk you through the complexity of achieving your goal and come up with strategies to achieve these goals.

What Can an SEO Company Guarantee Then? 

What search engine optimization company can and should guarantee is that they will provide advice to help your site earn more traffic. A timeline for deliveries, a list of keywords, or topics targeted to your audience, which will help achieve more traffic. An analysis of the site and campaigns, well-researched quality content, accurate reports, consistent communication, provide case studies, be transparent, and come up with strategies and solutions based on your needs.

A lot of people seek for Guaranteed SEO results because anything guaranteed sounds good, but many companies steer clear of this phrase as it is misleading. But they do guarantee that the clients will be happy with the final results.   


Written by KV Smith

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