August 10, 2020 11:52AM EDT

Sheryl Crow used striking imagery from the suffragette movement and Black Lives Matter protests for her rousing music video, ‘Woman In The White House.’ Check it out here!

Like so many citizens across the United States, Sheryl Crow is ready to see a woman in the White House. The Grammy-winning singer, 58, is so adamant about the historic appointment that she released a new single with an impassioned message. Crow’s tune, “Woman In The White House,” is an inspiring, rousing call to action as the 2020 presidential election approaches, and the song’s accompanying music video is just as stirring as the lyrics.

“Don’t you think it’s time to put a woman in the White House?” Crow belts out at the beginning of her revamped single, which originally came out in 2012. As if the lyrics weren’t powerful enough, the music video (directed by Peter Harding) juxtaposes Crow’s disposition with images from the suffragette movement in the early 20th century that secured women the right to vote — the 19th Amendment. The stirring visuals for “Woman In The White House” also feature images of feminist leaders like Gloria Steinem and more revolutionary women who paved the way for change. But there is far more striking imagery that the video has in store.

sheryl crowSheryl Crow poses for a promotional photo for her new single ‘Woman In The White House’ [Dove Shore].

Along with archival footage featuring the suffragettes marching for equality, the music video showcases footage from recent Black Lives Matter protests taking place across the nation. In an even more striking image, the singer’s face is painted onto a concrete wall just outside of the White House — likely a reference to President Donald Trump‘s campaign promise to put a wall on the U.S./Mexico border.

The music video comes as speculation still swirls around who former Vice President Joe Biden will choose as his running mate. The presumptive Democratic candidate for the office of the presidency vowed to choose a woman as his VP in March, saying, “I commit that I will, in fact

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