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Black Star is a well-known Shonen character from Soul Eater. He appears to be narcissistic from his ramblings about his superiority. The long-lasting impression that he leaves on viewers is that of a typical Shonen archetype with a limitless ego. His constant grandstanding somehow manages to find the right balance between obnoxious and amusing. But is he even good enough to back up his tough talk? Today we look at Black Star to understand if his superiority complex is earned or not.

Can Fight with His Soul

The notorious assassin often comes across enemies that are not affected by normal attacks. However, even in that case, Black Star can use his soul, as his boisterous personality surprisingly permeates down to his soul. He smartly forces his soul’s wavelength into his opponent’s body where there is the possibility of maximum damage. He refers to it as “Black Star Big Wave,” which can be modified into another one of his moves called Soul Menace. He uses his soul as an electrical attack that works with just his thoughts. 


Black Star is well trained to fight on the ground and in the air, which gives an advantage in fights. Since he does not have the rare soul, Grigori, which enables flight, any training he did would give him only limited success. However, by the end of the story, he did teach himself to hover a few inches above the ground. It opens many opportunities for him and opens up new potentials that can be used in difficult terrain. 

Can Grab Light

When confronted with Moonlight, Black Star surprisingly caught one of the laser beams sent towards him. Not only that, he even managed to hurl it back on his enemy. Since no other students at the DWMA can do it, it is interesting that Black Star can pull it off with such ease and perfection. It appears that all the praise he receives from others isn’t without any merit. When Maka asked him about his near-impossible feat, Black Star just laughed off the stunt and gave all the credit to his inherent greatness. He leaves the mysterious trick open for scrutiny as he refuses to give away his secret. Maka is puzzled to the point that he wonders whether Black is even human.

Can Weaponize His Shadow

Black Star learned all he knows from a school that encouraged its students to transform themselves into weapons. So, it is not surprising that Black Star managed to go one step ahead and be more creative with his choices. He can fuse his shadow with the Tsubaki’s chain blade to prepare a chain scythe. Black Star can manipulate the weapon’s trajectory with his shadow and use it for devastating long-range attacks. He can even mold his shadow to create a tangible scarf that can be used for blocking and inflicting damage. He can also confuse his enemies by manipulating his shadows into images of himself. They have proved very useful if the enemies don’t have sharp enough reflexes or skills. 

Enhanced Physical Abilities

Black Star is very vocal about his aspirations of surpassing God. He is hell-bent on becoming powerful enough to dominate everyone. It’s his single-minded determination that makes him so dangerous. The viewers can see him working day and night on his physical endurance, even while studying for exams. It seems that he doesn’t want to stop working on himself to prove that he is the best. He has become so strong with his consistent training that he has superhuman abilities and can do things that most people can’t even fathom.  His physical strength is complemented by his speed, which helps him dodge attacks. While in soul resonance with Tsubaki, his speed is even bolstered, opening the ability of Speed Star for his use. Speed Star becomes very handy in close combat as he easily dodges while consistently attacking his adversary. Moreover, Black Star can take more damage than most of his peers, which truly makes him one of the best fighters. Even though his pompous nature might sometimes be annoying, Black Star is an exceptional fighter.

Source-Soul Eater: What Makes Black Star Special

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