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Deciding the destination to celebrate your honeymoon is a huge call and quite difficult given the number of options. Even if you have narrowed it down to these two popular honeymoon destinations, it can be extremely tough to differentiate and pick between the two destinations. Both destinations have a lot to offer in terms of scenic beauty, nightlife beaches and views. When you do a comparison between Thailand vs the Maldives, both can be quite similar but we have put in the effort to differentiate the two promising destinations for you.

The perfect duration to spend your holiday in these two places is a maximum of 6-8 days. This duration is a good amount of time to spend and get to experience all the main parts of the country. But if one wants to spend more time and add in a few more days than recommended then one can extend their stay up to 12- 14 days in total to get the full experience of the country and you can throw in a few offbeat cities into the mix too.

In terms of Currency:

Thailand currency is called as Thai Baht and is equal to 2.21 Indian Rupees. Thai Baht is indicated by TBH. Maldives currency is called as Maldivian Rufiyaa. This is equal to 4.69 Indian rupees and is indicated as MVR. You can exchange your money as and when you like through ATMs in both countries. There is no need to worry about currency conversion in either of the countries during your travel.

In terms of Visa:

Getting a visa for Thailand is rather simple and one can get a visa to visit and holiday in Thailand for a period of 60 days called the tourist visa. Any sort of work-related project is not permitted while being in the country on a tourist visa. To avail a tourist visa you need a valid passport, passport size photos, and travel documents. The process to apply for a Thailand tourist visa is rather easy and the time taken to process the visa is normally up to 3 working days. The charges for Visa application is from €285 onwards. The number of entries you can apply for is single, double or multiple entries visas.

Getting granted entry into the Maldives is much easier than Thailand as this island destination does not need any pre-approved Visa. The passport should be clearly readable by the computer which is called the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ ). Your pass also needs a 6 months validity from the time of your travel. The other documents to be shown are also a valid pre-booked ticket to be able to take off from the country. If all of this is checked off from the above list, then the traveller will be granted a tourist visa after landing into the nation for which they can stay for a period of 30 days. The visa is of no cost and is granted on arrival for most nationalities. Hence, Maldives has no worries in terms of the visa process.

Thailand is an ideal place to go on holiday if you want to take in the sun, relax on the beaches and come back with a lovely tan. The weather is differentiated as dry and wet according to the seasons in the country. May to September is known to be the dry season and October to April is called the Wet season. The dry season experiences hot days with an average temperature up to 31 degree Celsius. This is the weather normally that progresses through the dry period. However, the wet season presents constant rains and cloudy gloomy skies. June and August especially are periods when the wind and breeze blow in all its glory. Thailand is adjoined to the north with Myanmar and Laos borders Thailand from the northern side.

In the Maldives, the wet season goes on from May to October, while the dry season lasts between the period of November and April. The dry season has the bright sun for hours and hours every single day and this is the peak season in the Maldives when there is a surge of tourists. The tourists who love the sun and sand prefer to visit during this period of time. In the South, the rainfalls can be experienced through the wet season and the temperature that is the highest recorded at this time is 30 degree Celsius. This archipelago of so many islands is located right in the heart of the Indian ocean with Lakshadweep.

Both of these honeymoon tourist destinations are good to visit any time of the year as they have a tropical climate. However, the summer season sees a huge incoming number of tourists in the Maldives. There is also very little chance of floods caused by the rain in the Maldives to disrupt your holiday.

Get packing and book your Thailand travel package or Maldives Honeymoon Package from companies such as Pickyourtrail who are known for giving the best honeymoon experiences in either of the countries. 

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