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The Importance of Stretching Before Exercising to Avoid Injury

Stretching before you begin exercising is something  Ultra Soothe Review  sports enthusiasts know is crucial to a healthy workout. Individuals who are just beginning a workout routine, though, may not be aware of how important a pre-workout stretching routineis. When you stretch you infuse your muscles with oxygen and help to relax them before you begin the workout.

Everyone has heard or read about the importance of stretching both before and after a workout, but not everyone does it. Individuals who forgo this pre-workout step can pay for it if they sustain injuries. The beauty of stretching is that it can be done practically anytime, anywhere with a minimum of equipment.

You may justify skipping it because you think a) you don't have enough time because your workout time has been cut short or b) you figure if you start off your workout slowly the stretching will “naturally” happen. Besides that, you're more interested in the health benefits you reap from the actual workout than the amount of time you have to spend stretching.



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Written by Hadriel Sam


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