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Introduction and some facts about Immunity

Immunity is the hottest topic and the biggest concern for humans these days. Our body is full of cells of different kinds which perform specific functions.

One of the most critical cells in the body are immunity-boosting cells which sacrifice themselves to save us from diseases. The growth and potency of immunity cells in the body depend on your diet, physical activity and a few other reasons.

While everyone is searching for Immunity Boosting Supplements in the market, it gets confusing when you get to witness hundreds of brands committing almost the same thing.

In such a case, how does one differentiate and choose the one for the need of the hour?

The popularity of supplements to boost the immune system skyrocketed with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 is a new disease, but the body’s mechanism that fights it is something which doctors have been researching for centuries.

The most potent solution to your body’s Immunity and the health, in general, is hidden in the ancient studies and scriptures of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of using natural herbs to prepare medicines and supplements to boost the immune system for humans.

This study has been used for hundreds of years, and Ayurveda has been healing people from all over the Globe. Medical enthusiasts from western countries have visited India numerous times to study and implement natural supplements to boost the immune system in their countries.

This post is about one such supplement called Emun Care which is a 100% natural immunity booster and has been created by one of the leading Ayurvedic houses of India. In this post, we will be discussing the details and important things that you need to know about supplements to boost the immune system.

  • By the time you end up reading this post, you will be equipped with all the knowledge to judge the potency of every supplement and make an informed decision about your body.

What does an Immunity Boosting Supplement have?

Indian culture and history of Ayurveda are full of the knowledge of particular herbs which are known to boost immunity in the body.

In this section, I will be talking about all these herbs to boost the immune system. Traditionally and ideally, you would need to consume all these herbs in a day to gain maximum benefits.

It is not easy to consume all the herbs in these busy modern lifestyles, so this is where supplements come into the picture.

Let’s understand all the herbs to get an idea.

1. Turmeric

With anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, turmeric is the most famous herb that boosts your Immunity.

Turmeric is deep-rooted into the Indian culture, and traditionally people have been drinking turmeric milk regularly to fight common illnesses. There are thousands of supplements of turmeric, particularly curcumin which are advertised for its capability to boost Immunity.

2. Tulsi

Tulsi is another famous and one of the most potent herbs which help build the Immunity of your body.

Its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties help protect you from infections and everyday diseases.

3. Guduchi

Guduchi is an ancient herb which is known for its ability to help boost the production of cytokine in the human body.

Cytokine represents a group of cells in the body which are linked to your immune system. They also have a positive effect on other cells of the body.

4. Ashwagandha

You must have seen Ashwagandha advertised in many of the leading health supplements. It is added in most of the health and other related supplements as it increases the activity of the immunity building cells.

It also helps in fighting inflammation like turmeric.

5. Piperine

Piperine is a lesser-known Ayurvedic herb but is among the most potent ones for humans. Multiple types of Research and studies point out the multiple health benefits of Piperine.

It is a part of many Ayurvedic medicines because of its beneficial properties, including antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

6. Amla

Amla is not just right for your skin and hair for which you ideally use it, but it is also among the best natural immunity boosters in the world.

Regular consumption of Amla will also help in losing excessive weight of your body which also directly results in boosting your Immunity.

7. Root of heaven

This blog post is not enough for listing all the health benefits of the famous root of heaven.

Among all the tested and advertised benefits of the root of heaven are the ability to boost Immunity. Other benefits of this herb will help you prevent most of the health problems that you might face.

8. Zinc Gluconate

Another vital part of your body’s Immunity is the immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals. A balance of all the minerals and vitamins in your body will help it to fight foreign particles.

Zinc Gluconate is the second most abundant mineral trace in the body, but the modern diet does not contain the mineral in abundance as required by the body.

What are the benefits of Emun Care?

The most significant benefit of EmunCare is that it is full of all the herbs that we just discussed. Imagine consuming all the above herbs daily?

As we know that in our busy modern-day lifestyles, it is impossible to take out time to consume all these herbs separately daily.

Emun Care helps you to consume an adequate amount of all these herbs in less than 5 seconds. Emun Care is developed by Sushrut Ayurved Industries, which is a team of Ayurvedic experts who have been supplying Ayurvedic herbs to the leading companies in India for decades.

Their research and development team has spent years researching and making the perfect solution with the right herbs to boost Immunity.

How Immune Care is Different from Others

You will find hundreds of Ayurvedic supplements in the market, and it gets confusing to choose the right one.

This list of reasons will help you to understand why to choose Emun Care over others –

  • Clinical Validation – Emun Care is made by Sushrut Ayurvedic Industries who are known for their rich history of herbal Research
  • Emun Care has been developed after years of research and testing which has proved its potency
  • It is entirely vegetarian and herbal
  • It enjoys one of the largest customer bases who are consuming it daily from quite some time
  • There is no middle man, and Sushrut Ayurved Industries is known for its strict quality control system
  • It is also cost-effective compared to the existing expensive supplements

Time Emun Care takes to Show the impact

Emun Care is an Ayurvedic solution and will take charge from day one of consumption. The herbs and medicinal plants will start working from the first day, and you will witness significant changes in your health and the way you feel in 30 days.


A small decision taken today can help you save on life that you lose every time you fall sick. Regular use of EmunCare will help you to fight hundreds of diseases and viruses which you might get exposed to in the future.




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