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One of the most popular children’s games, Ludo, was created during Victorian times. The game is primarily based on the ancient Indian game of Pachisi. Apart from that, the game also has a few other names – like ‘Chausar’ and ‘Chopad.’ Ultimately, the game became very popular all around the world in various forms. For instance, the Spanish version of the game was called ‘Parchís’ while the Chinese version was known as ‘Chatush Pada’ (which can be loosely translated as ‘four cloth’). In Africa, however, the game goes by the name – ‘Ludu.’ In the United States of America, the game was known as ‘Parcheesi’ and the Royal Navy used to call it ‘Uckers.’

Nowadays, the game is known worldwide as Ludo. While for an ordinary being, Ludo is just a game, when explored in-depth, Ludo is the perfect blend of luck and strategy. The game is known for its strategic planning and helps in the development of cognitive skills. Many people have found time during the pandemic to play ludo game again. Nowadays, there are many online variations of the game and people can access it at any point in time. Therefore, over the lockdown, the game has managed to beat other gaming giants like Candy Crush Saga and PUBG in terms of downloads and new registrations.

Why is Ludo so Popular?

While it is easy to assume that the game is completely based on luck, that is not the case. The game is strategic and can teach the player some important life lessons along the way.

How to Earn Money via Ludo Fantasy?

The best thing about Ludo Fantasy is the ability to enjoy the game while earning some money at the same time. All you need to do is download the game from the official website of Ludo Fantasy, create an account by registering and then start playing. After some time, you would be able to withdraw cash any time you want by going to the My Account page and clicking on Withdraw Cash. However, it is to be noted that money can only be withdrawn only if you have a verified account. Once it is verified, you can start withdrawing immediately. The minimum amount to be withdrawn is Rs 50. Also, note that only the winning amount can be withdrawn by the player.

How to Play Ludo Fantasy?

There are certain rules to be followed when playing the online game. Some of them are listed below:

The virtual ludo board is square in shape. The pattern on it is in the form of a cross. Each of the arms is divided into three columns of eight squares, where the middle squares form the home column for each color. These squares cannot be landed upon by other colors.

The middle of the cross is known as the home area. It is in the form of a large square and is divided into four home triangles – one of each color. On each corner, there is a place to keep the pieces when the game begins.

The starting squares and circles, the home triangles and the home column square are matched according to the colors.

Each of the players chooses one of the colors and places the pieces on the respective boxes. They take turns in a clockwise manner and whoever throws either 1 (the lowest score) or 6 (the highest score) starts the game. After that, with each throw, the player moves the pieces according to the number on the dice.

Throwing 6 once would lead the player to have another turn. However, doing so 3 times in a row would spoil their turn and give a pass to the other player.

How to Play the Ludo Game Online?

Ludo Fantasy is an easy game when you are familiar with the game online. After you download and register for the game, you can opt for a practice match in order to hone your gaming skills before a real match. There are 4 ways to play the Ludo Fantasy game:

Quick Money Mode

Play with Money

Private Room

Practice Match

How to Win a Ludo Game Online?

When the pieces have travelled all over the board, it goes to the home column. However, only an exact throw can help the piece to go to the home column. The player, who can move all 4 pieces to the home column finally wins. According to probability, it can be predicted that when 2 to 3 players are playing the game, only one of them wins. However, when 4 players are playing the game at the same time, two of them can win.

Ludo Fantasy also enables its players to create private rooms with the help of referral codes.

Final Take

Ludo Fantasy is one of the most upcoming startups in India. Since Ludo in so popular within the Indian community, the game has managed to garner a lot of players along the way.

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