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Tired of the Bedtime Tantrums? A Sensory Compression Bed Sheet is the Peaceful Solution You Seek

One of the many signature struggles of parenting is the bedtime battle. There are a million and one reasons for kids to fight against bedtime; they want to stay up and see what the rest of the family is doing, they want to continue playing their games, they’re afraid of monsters under beds or nightmares they’ve been having in the dark of their bedroom. Some children struggle with anxiety or restlessness that makes laying still and quieting the mind seem impossible, and other children have sensory processing disorders that make them too uncomfortable to rest in their beds. Whatever the case may be for your family, nightly fighting over bedtimes is exhausting for parent and child alike. But if you’re finding yourself at your wit’s end, there is hope. A Sensory Compression Bed Sheet from Huggaroo could be the answer you’ve been looking for all along.

Most parents of children with stubborn anti-sleep stances try several different tricks and tools to try and tucker out their fussy little one and make the bedtime process easier. But tricks like chamomile teas and bedtime stories and pre-bed yoga don’t work for everyone, often because they don’t actually address the cause of the problem. In order to help your child get the rest they need to grow up big and strong, you need to understand what it is that’s keeping your child awake. Hyperactive children who are kept awake by their need to fidget and run around aren’t going to be soothed by a fairy tale alone, after all. And children with anxiety will spend the whole night thinking in circles no matter how many glasses of water and trips to the bathroom they wheedle out of you. This is where the Huggaroo Pouch Sensory Bed Sheets come in handy.

A sensory compression bed sheet is, in essence, a great big tube of stretch fabric that slides over the mattress. It is open on both ends, making it easy to slip under, and provides a gentle, soothing pressure that is evenly distributed across the body. The effect is somewhat like swaddling – by applying deep pressure stimulation, the Huggaroo Pouch activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxation and calmness of mind. The same natural reasons we all are soothed by warm hugs are the reasons the Huggaroo Pouch works so well to clear anxious minds and soothe away restless energy. Plus, it’s fun! Children love slipping under the stretchy fabric of the compression sheet and watching their legs push up underneath. The Huggaroo Pouch is completely breathable, making it an excellent little hideaway both for silly games and for those moments when your child simply feels overwhelmed. And the elastic nylon/spandex blend fabric stays cool all night long, so your child will never feel overwhelmed by the snug fit.

With so much fun to be had from this easy to use sensory compression bed sheet, children stop dreading bedtime and actually start looking forward to curling up in their Huggaroo Pouch. Because it’s so simple, it also is easy for children to use on their own, promoting good self-soothing habits and giving children more control over their own emotions. All of these crucial factors are how the Huggaroo Pouch transforms your child’s bed into a safe place of relaxation, bringing about a peaceful end to the bedtime battles once and for all.

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Written by Wendy Jordanov

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