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Now that the summer heat has arrived, it is important that the lawn looks great! Constant watering can be time-consuming and expensive. However, automatic sprinkler systems help to solve this problem by using water in the most efficient way. Here are some ways you can save water and money with your sprinkler system.

1. Align the sprinkler heads

Apply water only where needed. Stay away from watering sidewalks and driveways when not necessary. Align sprinkler heads to achieve proper spray patterns and coverage. This will ensure minimal water runoff and result in your lawn getting the water it needs in the shortest amount of time possible.

2. Adjust the sprinkler clock setting.

The main way that homeowners dispose of sewage is by not setting the sprinkler clocks correctly. Most homeowners only set the sprinkler clock once in the spring and have not set it in the last few months. However, grass needs much less water during spring and fall than it does in the heat of summer. This makes your lawn over-regulate when you don’t need it. By adjusting your watering cycles based on the time of year and different weather patterns, you can save a great deal throughout the year.

3. Install a rain sensor.

We’ve all seen sprinkler system installations come on even when it’s raining. This doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it? An inexpensive solution is to put in a rain/freeze sensor. The sensor turns off or prevents the system from turning on when it rains.

4. Use low-volume sprays.

It is beneficial to replace the old ones and install efficient heads and nozzles. Low-volume water-saving heads allow water to penetrate more slowly, reducing water runoff. This will also minimize fogging, which is the tendency of water to spray the air into a mist where it evaporates or disappears before the herb can use it.

5. Not all sprinklers are the same.

The amount of water a sprinkler provides varies from sprinkler to sprinkler. Sprinklers, for example, push out more water faster than rotors. Some heads have interchangeable nozzles that will use more or less water depending on the type of nozzle used. Make sure not to keep all sprinkler zones the same. Each area of your garden requires different watering times depending on the type of irrigation head used. Set run times for each zone based on the amount of water applied by each type of sprinkler head. This will help prevent some areas from being overwatered while others are being overwatered.

6. Water Early.

Water your lawn early in the morning. The winds are calmer and the air is cooler, so there will be less evaporation. The grass can also dry out before the sun starts to shine.

7. Water slowly and evenly

Just water as much as your lawn can absorb. Make sure to cover the entire lawn. It’s important to test your sprinkler system at least in the spring to make sure it hits the right spots in your yard.

Making sure your lawn is healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. With these tips, you can keep your lawn looking beautiful while saving money. Contact Sprinkalawn for a system review. We can verify that the sprinklers have the correct coverage and make sure your timer/clock is set correctly.

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