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Types of Heavy Construction Equipment

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Graders, also known as motor graders, are another kind of construction equipment that is mostly utilized in the road-building industry, as previously stated. The majority of the time, it is used to level the surface of the soil. This tractor is equipped with a horizontal blade, which is placed between the front and rear wheels and is lowered into the ground when in operation. The control cabin is located on top of the rear axle configuration. Furthermore, motor graders are used to clearing snow and debris off roads, to level the surface of the soil before the installation of an asphalt layer, and to remove surplus soil from the ground surface.

Scrapers for wheel tractors

Tractors with four wheels Scrapers are pieces of earth-moving equipment that are used to scrape the surface of the ground. The front portion is comprised of a wheeled tractor vehicle, while the rear section is comprised of a scraping system that comprises a horizontal front blade, a conveyor belt, and dirt collecting hopper, among other things. A conveyor belt transports the excavated material to a hopper once it has been lowered to the ground and pushed by the truck. The blade starts digging soil above its level as soon as it touches the ground and the excavated material is collected in the hopper.

In order to dispose of the filling hopper, it is raised off the ground and dumped into an adjacent dirt dump yard, where it remains until the next filling.


Trenchers often referred to as trenching machines, are devices that are used to dig trenches in the ground. These ditches are often used for a variety of purposes, including pipeline construction, cable installation, and drainage. Trenching equipment is divided into two types: chain trenchers and wheeled trenchers. Chain trenchers are the most common kind of trenching equipment. Chain trenchers are fitted with a long, stationary arm that is wrapped with a digger chain to dig the trenches. Trenchers with wheels are fitted with a metal wheel that is encircled by digging teeth, which allows them to dig more efficiently. When digging thick soil layers, wheeled trenchers are preferred over other types of trenchers. Both tracked trenchers and wheeled trenchers are available for purchase.


Lorries and other kinds of vehicles such as dump trucks, trucks, and other types of vehicles are loaded into construction sites by loaders. Materials include things like excavated soil, demolition waste, and raw materials, to name a few. A loader is characterized by the presence of a large bucket at the front and a shorter moving arm. The loader may be tracked or wheeled in its movement. When working on building sites, wheeled loaders are often used, whereas tracked or crawling loaders are used in places where wheeled equipment is unable to operate.

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