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This really is….is please stop creating sound and buy Madden 21 coins our game….maybe we’ll do something in Madden 22. We won’t. It is lip service to get the social media attack to die down, knowing it’s too late in the process to fix it, by this time next year, they’ll be able to roll out M22 with even less of a franchise mode until we’re completely phased out.

I’m honestly shocked that they even responded to this. The one thing which makes me optimistic is how they said they’d give updates on the changes before the games launch, I was totally expecting a”We are too close to launch to generate any changes, but it is something we’ll look at for the future”. Hopefully this really gets shit done. 1 month isn’t enough time to check things. I see people requesting radio shows and newspapers and such but if they added those, it would be adding chocolate sauce into three scoops of compost.

They can literally fix franchise style with stains. Unless we see substantial improvements throughout Madden 21, they are filled with shit. As they usually are. Sad thing is no one will hold off buying the game, and that’s exactly what it might require them to really make the sport better.

This is beside the fact that there are several glaring gameplay problems. Just like we’re asking you to fix fundamental franchise mode characteristics that you have literally had in prior decades. We’re whining about that shit for many years so we’ll see. I won’t believe a word until I have a valid franchise style in my screen. Actively working on bolstering plans to encourage franchise in Madden 21 and beyond. They’re going to have to win back all of the players that they alienated this past year.

This can 100% be carried out in 1 year if they don’t waste resources on a dull career mode like Face of the Franchise. I’m not purchasing M21 unless there are SIGNIFICANT franchise developments. But I am not getting it until late in the year once it’s on sale even though that does occur. Last year was the first time that I got Madden early this current gen and needed to wait till week 10 or 11 irl to even begin my franchise with all the patches and mods necessary to fix the game. So maybe if they actually listen for once, it is going to be rewarding but mmoexp mut 21 coins I’m not anticipating much of anything else. I’m trusting M22 will actually give franchise the changes it warrants.

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