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Developing websites and applications have become an integral part of modern tech-driven businesses. While websites are proving to be an ever-existing boon for businesses, web applications are offering new ways for their growth. When it comes to developing web applications there are a plethora of choices in terms of technologies. You can opt for a reliable platform to hire ROR expert to build advanced web applications that will give your business a boost. These days, Ruby on Rails is in high demand therefore hiring ROR developers has become popular to build web apps. But what skills should you seek in a ROR developer before choosing to hire him/her? Here is the list of essential skills that you should check in a ROR developer.

Skills in Ruby language

Ruby on Rails is a framework for developing web applications and is written in Ruby programming language. Thus, if you want to hire Ruby on Rails developer, you need to make sure that he/she has enough skills in the Ruby programming language as it will be used to build your solutions. You can check two things: knowledge of syntax and understanding of OOP (object-oriented programming). Your ideal ROR candidate should know how to implement ROR classes, modules, loops, etc in the real world. S/he should know how to work with OOP concepts.

Skills in ROR

The next essential skill your ROR development expert should have is the understanding of the Ruby on Rails framework itself. The developer you choose should have an in-depth understanding of varied ROR principles and concepts. The key expertise that you should look for in a developer to hire ROR developer includes MVC framework, REST API, and ActiveRecord. To build a web application that could win the hearts of your users, your developer should be well-versed in the MVC framework.

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Front-end skills

Front-end skills enable a ROR developer to create pleasing interfaces and website front-ends that will attract visitors and compel them to be engaged in your site. Core front-end technologies that your ideal developer should have a deep understanding of include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Before you hire a Ruby on Rails developer of your choice, you should make sure that s/he has expertise in front-end technologies so that you can get the best quality output.

Database skills

When it comes to custom web development services, there are a lot of things to do to get your website up and running. A similar condition is with web apps too. One of the important aspects is databases that empower a website or web app to work dynamically by storing, retrieving, and updating data. To build a full-fledged web application, you need to make sure that your ideal Ruby on Rails developer is well-versed in varied database technologies like MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

Skills in handling development tools

One important skill that your ROR development expert should possess is the handling of varied development tools. To build a successful web application, A web developer has to make the right resources and tools to deliver best-in-class solutions. You need to inquire with your developer about tools like Git, Trello, Docker, Asana, and more to assess his/her skills in these tools. With a good hand over these technologies, your developer can deliver the right solution efficiently.

 Skills in testing and validation

Testing and validation skill is one of the important skills that your ROR developer should have to deliver bug-free and flawless solutions. Whenever you opt for Ruby on Rails development services, the service provider you choose will have a complete process to build web apps including testing and validation as part of it. Make sure that your prospective ROR developer has skills in unit testing. So, before choosing a developer for custom web development services, make sure he/she has this kind of skill too.

Wrapping up

These days, Ruby on Rails development services have become popular for developing web applications. You can easily hire a Ruby on Rails developer to create cutting-edge web apps. However, you should know that there are plenty of these developers out there so you need to pick the right one for your project. You can check for the above skills in your prospective developer to choose the perfect one.

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