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Well, first of all, Zingbot made an appearance once again.

Zingbot, who is known for his usual appearance every year, appeared once again on Wednesday night and added spice to the dynamics among the remaining contestants in Big Brother.

Once Zingbot left us, we were once again with celebrities after the nominations saga. Memphis reveals that the two people he has nominated are Da’Vonne and Kevin because he considers them easy options because of the events that had preceded that night and the fact he is planning to oust David.

Memphis talks to Kevin and tells him the truth that he was looking for any excuse this week to nominate him, and as Da’Vonne used the veto on him, it made his options pretty straight forward.

On the other side, Dani and Cody pretend that they reckon that Da’Vonne is only on the block as she had used her veto on him in the preceding week and Memphis really didn’t have any alternatives as there are only three contestants who aren’t in the alliance or sub-alliance. 

Kevin, Da’Vonne and Memphis are already in the veto competition with each other and three others Tyler, Nicole (because of Da’Vonne) and Dani (because of Dani) have joined them in the race.

Tyler made his thoughts clear that he thinks Da’Vonne and Kevin’s choice confirms his suspicion of Dani and Nicole, making a secret deal with them behind his back. We know that he is partially correct as Dani and Nicole have exhibited their loyalty towards the commission, but they have shown their fondness towards Da’Vonne and would like him to stay.

Memphis and Tyler dispute over the fact that the former wants to backdoor David (the plan which he makes clear in front of Dani, Nicole and Tyler) and latter one promises to stop it at all costs as he thinks it is a disastrous move.

After meeting with Dani, Nicole and Tyler, Memphis then talks to Da’Vonne and Kevin and exposes his plan to them.

Tyler’s first move to tackle Memphis’ plan is to talk to Cody (no surprise), he meets him and let him know about Memphis’ stupid plan. Cody agrees with Tyler and opinionates that Da’Vonne and Tyler are more dangerous than harmless David. Cody warns Tyler to not to throw away the veto.

Just in the nick of time, i.e., ahead of veto competition, Zingbot aka Tiger Zing shows up standing comfortably on the balcony of the house.

After a few spicy lines, Zingbot gets the veto competition underway. The task laid ahead in front of the contestants was about maneuvering a maze in the hunt of the three “alien tigers.” The rule was simple; the player who finishes the task in the shortest amount of time would win the Power of Veto.

Not really a fun competition and what really mattered, at last, was the fact that Tyler won displeasing Memphis to his core.

The dispute between Tyler and Memphis goes on for a while, and ultimately Memphis agrees that ouster of Da’Vonne and Kevin are more profound alternatives than David.

The biggest move was played by Tyler which Da’Vonne had guessed all along. After all the theatrics and nonsense, Tyler didn’t even use his veto on anyone. Both Da’Vonne and Kevin stayed with a beaming smile on their faces.

Source-What Happened on the 21st Episode of Big Brother

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